Rock your baby: these are the best rocking chairs

Rock your baby: these are the best rocking chairs

Are you already feeling the itch to decorate the baby's room? Stupid question, because the only answer is of course 'yes, duh'. Maybe you've also been thinking about buying a rocking chair for the baby's room. A rocking chair has aesthetic value and is available in beautiful designs, making it a beautiful accessory for the baby's room. In addition, a rocking chair is also very practical for breastfeeding, or when you simply want to hold your baby in your arms and rock them for a while. Is a rocking chair hugely old-fashioned? Think again! We share our 8 favorite rocking chairs with you and prove that rocking chairs can score high on comfort and can be a feast for the eyes! Oh yes, and often wallet-friendly too ;)

Comfortable and beautiful rocking chairs for the nursery

  1. Poäng rocking chair (Ikea)

Talk about a beautiful design. This eye-catcher can also be moved to the living room after a while, because it can be seen! In terms of comfort, this rocking chair also scores highly, as the high backrest provides sufficient support for the neck. 


  1. Poäng rocking chair (Ikea)

The same rocking chair, but in a lighter version, and at a more competitive price ;) These soft tones fit in almost any baby room. What more could you ask for?


  1. Rocking chair Rocky (Bol)

Looking for a rocking chair with a vintage look? That's it. This rocking chair is made of solid wood and has a nice high back. Add a cushion in the back and you're ready for some quality time with your Mini-Me.


  1. Anada rocking chair (Leen Bakker)

Do you choose a baby room with earth tones? Then this rocking chair with a Scandinavian design is a perfect addition. The combination of metal and wood in the base makes this chair instantly eye-catching.

€159,- €121,63

  1. Rocking chair Marlina (Kave Home)

It just doesn't get more comfortable than this. With this uber-soft sheepskin look, it's optimal for enjoying the special moments with your mini-me.



  1. Bamboo rocking chair Livia (Sklum)

This rocking chair is officially labeled as a garden rocking chair, but who says you can't use it inside? Go for the ultimate tropical look with this bamboo eye-catcher.


  1. VidaXL rocking chair velvet (Blokker)

Sitting back has never been so relaxing, and of course, that has everything to do with the velvet version of this rocking chair. Oh yes, and the block pattern of course makes this rocking chair one of a kind.

€107,99 €97,99

  1. Rocking chair Onda (Tectake)

Optimal relaxation is guaranteed in this rocking chair, due to the 5-way adjustable footrests. The soft cushion and the sturdy base ensure that you can focus on the moments with your little one without worries.



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