Pregnant: feeling love for your baby

Pregnant: feeling love for your baby, how to do it

Did you know that even before birth, when your baby is still comfortably inside your belly, your baby needs security, and love from mummy and daddy? But how do you connect with your baby? We will tell you how.

Connect with the baby in your belly

Your little one already needs connection, safety, warmth, and love in the womb. Even though you can't feel your baby move yet, a bond is formed between mother and baby right from the start. You are connected. Everything you feel and experience, your baby will experience as well. Special, isn't it? That's why making contact with your baby during pregnancy is so valuable. Communication improves bonding, welcomes your little one, and makes the baby feel safe. Not just for the baby. Also for you, mama. You will notice that you develop motherly feelings (even) more easily and fall in love with your baby.

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3 tips to strengthen the love for your baby

There are several ways to connect with your baby and strengthen your love: 1. Touching: Have you noticed that your baby tries to come to you when he or she feels your touch? Touching your belly teaches your baby that they are safe with you (and your partner) and that they are loved and welcome. You can also get to know your baby a little. Watch his movements, and maybe you can already learn something about his character. Temperamental or calm? Make contact with your baby and explore! 2. Talking: Have a friendly chat with your baby! All the sounds a baby hears in the womb (like mummy's heartbeat), he or she will recognise after birth. So talking to your baby is the perfect way to strengthen the bond. Sing songs, read stories or talk about your day. All familiar sounds give the baby a feeling of security after birth. Your baby trusts you and knows you are there for them. 3. Ultrasounds! Of course, it is fun for you to have a look at your little one. Ultrasounds make it a lot easier to form an image of the baby in your belly. Especially for the future dads! Besides the regular scans, you can have a non-medical ultrasound made by the midwife or medical specialist. Or use the Babywatcher and make your own ultrasounds. As soon as you feel something, you can use the Babywatcher to see precisely what your baby is doing.

No motherly feelings yet?

For many women, motherhood starts during pregnancy. For others, it is only after giving birth. And even then, it may still take a few days before they fall madly in love with their baby. That is not at all surprising. After all, every woman is different. So don't worry if you are not ready yet. Give yourself some time! Do you feel that something is not right, or do you notice that you cannot give your baby any love? Discuss this with your loved ones, family doctor, midwife, or someone else you trust. Don't be ashamed; you are not alone.


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