Pregnancy lingerie: indispensable or not?

Pregnancy lingerie: indispensable or not?

Pregnancy equals...

a lot of changes in your body. A new organ is growing in your belly (the placenta), you will, unfortunately, have to deal with pregnancy ailments and you will notice an increase in your weight. Your belly is growing, of course (hello bumpy road!), but so are your breasts. Even from the sixth week of pregnancy, heavier, larger, and more sensitive breasts can be the case for some women. Who or what to blame? Hormones, of course. But also an increase in your weight as the pregnancy progresses, and the mammary glands in the breasts preparing for the arrival of the baby and the breast milk it will require. These changes prompted the creation of maternity lingerie, including maternity bras. But is this really indispensable?

The importance of a comfortable maternity bra (and panties)

Yes, a good maternity bra is really important! For starters, because your breasts can grow so much in the first trimester alone that you need a bra with a full cup size larger. A good maternity bra will still give your breasts enough room to grow through the pregnancy. Because even after the first trimester, your breasts can still grow. This is the reason why most maternity bras offer space for an extra half or cup, or in some cases even two cups.

In addition, growing breasts can, unfortunately, equate to sore and sensitive breasts and also be accompanied by back and neck pain and pain in the shoulders. Oh yes, pinching bras are probably familiar to many pregnant women as well. And where it is possible to make it easier on yourself and somewhat relieve yourself of discomforts associated with pregnancy you should of course do so. But what do you need? A maternity bra that offers extra support, in this way reducing all these annoying pains and discomforts as much as possible. Therefore, we say goodbye to the era of pinchy and uncomfortable bras, and hello to comfy maternity bras!

Besides maternity bras, comfortable maternity panties are also indispensable. Chances are you can't wear your pre-pregnant panties (comfortably) anymore because of your growing belly. Squeezing will probably be familiar to you if you are still wearing your old panties. And that's not comfortable. Some preggos like a pair of panties that go over their belly and support their belly in this way. Other pregnant women, on the other hand, choose panties that fall under the belly, and in this way, they hardly feel them on. 

What is a maternity bra?

A maternity bra is made of soft fabric with enough stretch so that your breasts can grow into it throughout the pregnancy and you are not bothered again by a squeezing bra. So, this stretch fabric is also good for your wallet, as it means you won't be shopping for maternity lingerie every month. Usually, a maternity bra also features shoulder straps that are just a bit wider than those of regular bras, and sometimes a wider clasp as well. The reason for this is, you probably guessed it, to give you a little more support as a preggo.

You've probably heard of both maternity bras and nursing bras. And while it's true that both are very similar, nursing bras offer a bonus: the left and right cups can be easily detached using clips when it's time for a mommy-milkshake for the little one. Exactly, so you can still keep your bra on while breastfeeding, which may make you feel protected. Also, the inside of the cups is made of a soft and quick-drying material. Ideal for those last unwanted drops. The advantage is that most maternity bras are growth bras and nursing bras in one. In other words, you can still wear your maternity bras after the birth, in your period of breastfeeding.

In short, maternity lingerie is absolutely no superfluous luxury. A final golden tip for shopping for maternity lingerie: make sure the fabric does not irritate your sensitive breasts, which can sometimes be the case with bras with seams.

No idea where you can score some great maternity lingerie? Don't panic, because we have listed the most comfortable maternity lingerie for you, in which you will undoubtedly feel like a beautiful mommy to be! So keep on scrolling!

Pregnancy lingerie: indispensable or not?

1. Mommy Darling Bralette, €75,- Love Stories2. Moonflower briefs, €45,- Love Stories3. Maternity bra green, €24,99 Prénatal, 4Maternity panties, €9,99 Prénatal5. 2 Nursing bra's, €39,99 Prénatal6. 2 Maternity panties, €22,99 Prénatal7. Noppies nursing bra, €29,99 Prénatal, 8. Noppies maternity briefs, €15,99 Prénatal

Pregnancy lingerie: indispensable or not?

9. Nursing Bralette, €15,- Boohoo10. Set of bottoms, €7,50 Boohoo11. Tape maternity bralet, €11,- Missguided, 12. Tape maternity knicker, €9,- Missguided13. MOM nursing bra, €20,- ASOS14. MOM lace brief, €17,99 ASOS15. Nursing bra orchid, €39,99 ASOS, 16. Victoria's Secret nursing bra, €50,13 Victoria's Secret


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