Incinta, ma con il ciclo. Com’è possibile?

Period pregnant

Having your period while you’re pregnant. How is it possible?

Pregnant, while having your period: That's not possible at all! Yet, sometimes it really seems like you’re having your period. You may not realize that you’re pregnant, believe it, or feel insecure because of it. But, how is it possible that you’re pregnant and still have your period?

To begin with, it’s indeed not possible, to be pregnant and having your period at the same time. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re not pregnant, at this moment. As blood loss during your pregnancy is quite normal. You can also suffer from pregnancy ailments, which make it seem like your period is normal.

Having your period

It's very simple why you can't have your period, and be pregnant at the same time. Your period starts with ovulation, about two weeks before your period. The endometrium of your uterine wall thickens, if the egg is not fertilized. The estrogen and progesterone levels in your body drop, and your body rejects the endometrium: Your period, if the egg is fertilized. The estrogen and progesterone levels rise, and the mucous membrane is not rejected. The egg can implant in the lining of the uterine mucosa, that’s when you're pregnant! So, you can never be pregnant, and have your period at the same time.

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Period like ache What is the matter then? To begin with, there’s a lot going on in your body. All those hormones jumping up and down, and your body is changing. You may suffer from a period-like belly ache or cramps: A sharp stabbing/nagging ache in the pubic bone. This is usually caused by the growth of the uterus, and the stretching of the short bands. It mainly occurs in your early pregnancy, and when you’re tired. It’s a bad feeling, but it’s often a good sign: A sign of growth. Later in your pregnancy, the pain can move to the side, in to the long bands. A nagging ache in the lower belly, can also indicate a urinary tract infection. In addition to that aching, if you also have a burning sensation, when you urinate or you have to urinate often, then it’s better to visit your doctor. You may also have a different kind of belly ache, headache, back ache, or nausea, just like during your period. But no, you’re not having your period, you’re pregnant, that's part of it. Is the ache is too intense and unbearable? Then call your doctor, or midwife as soon as possible.

Blood loss and pregnant

It makes sense to be shocked, if you have blood loss. Yet, it’s often very harmless, especially if you don’t suffer from belly ache. Blood loss, can have the following harmless causes: Pseudo-period You lose blood at times, when your period would normally be. Usually a little less blood, than during a normal period. Apparently, your body isn’t yet fully aware, that you’re pregnant. What to do, if pseudo-period keeps coming back every month? Then it’s better to visit a doctor or midwife. Implantation bleeding In the first weeks of your pregnancy, your fertilized egg burrows into the wall of the uterus, to lodge and grow further. A little blood can be released here, the bleeding doesn’t last long. Implantation bleeding, is a good sign, it means your pregnancy is really about to begin.

Peripheral hemorrhage of the placenta

The edges of your placenta are attached to the uterine wall. When your uterus grows, the placenta is pulled along, which can put stress on it. Small vessels in the edges can tear, causing some blood loss. It mainly occurs, at the beginning of your pregnancy, this is completely harmless.

Bladder infection

Bladder infection is a common thing, when women are pregnant. In addition to, a little blood in your urine, do you have a nagging feeling in your lower belly? And maybe a burning sensation when you urinate? If that so, you may have a bladder infection.


This also happens to a lot of pregnant women. Hemorrhoids, are swollen blood veins near the anus. While your defecating, they can burst open, and you will have little blood loss, nothing to worry about.


If you have blood loss after sex? It’s because, your partner can touch your uterus, during sex. Your uterus has a good blood flow, during the pregnancy, and the skin of it has become much thinner. That’s why, you can lose much faster blood. No harm can be done.

Unknown reason

Often there’s no reason, for blood loss during the pregnancy. There’s nothing to see on the ultrasound, and the baby is developing without any problems.

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Less innocent blood loss

Unfortunately, there are less innocent blood loss.

Ectopic Pregnancy

In about one % of the pregnancies, the fertilized egg doesn’t nest in the uterus, but outside of it, in the ovaries, for example. In eighty % of the cases there’s blood loss, but this is accompanied by severe belly ache, and other complaints. Ectopic pregnancy must be removed as soon as possible, as serious complications can arise.


Blood loss that keeps getting worse, combined with severe belly cramps. This usually is not a good sign, unfortunately. Do you have ache and blood loss at the same time? Do you have a lot of blood loss, or is your blood loss increasing? Call your midwife immediately!

Reassurance of a midwife

Do you suffer from blood loss or period-like complaints and you’re worried? Call your midwife, she can probably reassure you or proceed to investigate. Via an internal or external ultrasound scan (from six weeks), she can see whether the heart is still beating, and check if there are other specifics, concerning your complaints. If you suffer from brown discharge? This could be a sign of it.


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