Not so perfect moms: tips for entertaining your kid!

Not so perfect moms: tips for entertaining your kid!


There you are, hand in hand with your kids(s), at the childcare center or in the schoolyard. Hair in a bun, bags under your eyes, and no coffee yet. Inset day. Shit, shit, shit. Completely forgotten. The day suddenly looks completely different from what you had planned. No worries! Here are our tips on how to entertain your child when you have to work, are just too tired to cope with the situation, or if you can't move at all because you are very pregnant. 

  • Friends (with children)

Meet up with friends who have children so they can entertain each other. It's fun, too! 

  • Surprise

Go to the toy shop, let your child pick a present, and you're done for the day. Off they go and play.

  • Screen time

Hello, new best friend! Oh, that tablet, right. The saviour in need.

  • Playing outside

Go to the playground or petting zoo when the weather is nice. Guaranteed success and a great day without too much effort. 

  • Indoor fun

In bad weather, an indoor playground is an excellent option. Or go swimming at the pool together. Please note only for advanced moms, aka those who are a little less tired.

  • Building huts!

Gather all the sheets, blankets, and pillows in the house to make tents and huts in the living room. It's a small effort, but so worth it.

  • Baking and cooking

Baking biscuits or other sweet pastries together or making pizzas. It's an activity that is especially beneficial afterward.

  • Kidsproof garden

Make sure you have a kid-friendly back garden. There is a nice playground and sandpit, and mum will be sitting in the sun with a glass of wine (or ice tea) in no time!

  • On the road

Cycling together, exploring the surroundings, and enjoying an ice cream or hot chocolate. Not only cosy but also relaxing.

  • Me-time (incl. babysitter)

Call Grandma and Grandpa, the girls next door, or whoever wants to look after your child, for some me-time! (Just kidding! Maybe.)

It doesn't matter how you manage it all! Don't be too hard on yourself; you do you. Really, you are doing well, mama! ❤


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