New Christmas traditions with the kids, how to do it!

New Christmas traditions with the kids, how to do it!

The most beautiful time of the year is here again. So wonderful and magical! Visiting grandma on Sunday for homemade waffles with whipped cream, decorating the Christmas tree together, a Christmas movie marathon. Everyone has their traditions. Right? If not, it's time for some new Christmas traditions! Especially with kids!


Do you have little cookie monsters at home? Then they undoubtedly love to bake their own cookies. Eh, well, probably they will enjoy decorating! How much fun is it to show those cookies off to grandma and grandpa, the kids beaming with pride? Also fun: a Christmas bread for breakfast. Tip: hide something nice inside and crown the finder as this Christmas's prince/princess!

Festive hike

With the dark days, you often stay inside. But some fresh air can supplement the festive mood. Follow the Christmas lights and drink plenty of hot chocolate or mulled wine (for mum and dad, that is). Are there any ducks in the water, deer in the neighborhood, or maybe a nativity scene with sweet animals? Walk over there and take a glimpse. Guaranteed fun for your kids!

Record a Christmas Greeting

In an artistic mood? Musical talent? How much fun is it to make a Christmas movie with the family? Put on some Christmassy outfits, a Santa hat and start filming. Sing your favourite Christmas song ('All I Want For Christmas Is You' or 'Last Christmas'? which one is it going to be?), do a little dance, or sing and play your own song. Super cute to send as a Christmas greeting and, of course, to show off your family on Instagram!

Living room concert

Not into cameras? It is also great fun to perform the Christmas song or play for the whole family. A personalized living room concert at grandma and grandpa's house. Now that is a surprise!

Do something for someone else!

Christmas is also the time to think about others. So think of something that you can do for someone else. Maybe you can make a lovely card for the elderly lady in the street, collect stuff for a good cause, bake a cake for someone special to brighten their day. What are your ideas?

Celebrate Christmas with the little one in the belly

Is someone pregnant in the family? Then how nice it is to admire the baby together during the holidays. Make your own ultrasound at home with family and loved ones. Can you imagine it? A Christmas filled with love, coziness, and baby happiness. How magical!

Christmas Movie Marathon

Just watch Christmas movies - old and new - all evening long! Put on your warmest and happiest pajamas, heat the chocolate milk, and dive into the Christmas spirit. Have you seen Klaus or Arthur Christmas? Highly recommended and fun for everyone!

Crafting Christmas balls

Another fun activity to do that will fill an afternoon just before the holidays or during the Christmas break? Craft your own Christmas ornaments! Pick up some baubles at the store to decorate and paint. They're great for the Christmas tree, to decorate the table, or as a sweet gift for the family! 

Pajama Party in an ugly Christmas sweater

Do you all have your ugly Christmas sweaters? And thick Christmas socks? Put on these fabulous items, light up the Christmas tree, light the candles, have a choco fondue, and more delicious food. This evening is all about Christmas. Watch Christmas movies all evening, bake cookies, do crafts, write down all your Christmas wishes. Yup, all of the above, crammed into one evening. Great right? Enjoy! ❤


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