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Netflix & Chill: Emily in Paris - French 101

Mon Dieu!

Emily (in Paris) is back. Today! Finally, we can enjoy this tasty series again. Those Gossip Girl meets Sex and the City vibes are to die for. And those beautiful locations and perfect outfits? #lifegoals

Before you start season 2, dive into Paris and imagine yourself a real Parisienne; your French could surely use a refresher. Emily's probably does too. Et voilà:

Emily in Paris - French 101

    • Bonjour – Hello
    • Enchante(e) – Nice to meet you
    • Bon appetit – Enjoy your meal
    • La plouc – The hick, hillbilly (basically an insult)
    • Merde – Shit
    • Ringarde – Basic (bitch)
    • Le vagin – The vagina
    • Le college – High school, not to be confused with university ;)
    • Le preservatif – The condom
    • Excite(e) – Turned on
    • Petit mort – Orgasm (fun fact: petit mort literally means 'little death')
    • A (ta) santé – To (your) health (read: cheers!)
    • C’est la vie – That’s life
    • En français, s’il vous plaît – In French, please
    • Va te faire foutre= Go f*ck yourself

    Très bien! Now that your French is refreshed, you only have one thing left to do today: binge that series! Oh, still need a recap of season 1 in Paris? Here it is!


    Deux is always better than un! Are you watching today? By the way, is watching a show considered working from home? Asking for a friend.


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