Netflix chill mommy pregnant

Netflix & chill for mommies(-to-be)

Netflix & Chill for mommies (to be)

Being a mommy or pregnant, it’s not always as easy. Sometimes you really need to take time for yourself; just sit on the couch and do nothing. Except enjoying your me-time and watching a whole bunch of movies and series. Below you’ll find our favourite Netflix shows about pregnancy and parenthood.

Bridget Jones Baby

Romantic comedy The life of Bridget Jones is not going as planned. At the age of 40, her relationship with Mark Darcy ended. She wants to fully focus on her career but then meets her new lover: Jack. Her life takes a new turn when she finds out that she’s pregnant. But who is the father?

The Letdown

Romantic comedy Motherhood is beautiful, but can also be tough. The Australian Audrey is well aware of that and finds support in a discussion group for young parents. Audrey is the mother of a two-month-old baby. She does not want to be defined by motherhood, but she found out that this is pretty difficult.

Gilmore Girls

Romantic comedy An amazing mother-daughter bond between Lorelai and Rory. They’re not only mother and daughter, but also best friends who tell each other everything. A lot of humor, family, gossip, and men. That is what awaits you. It’s so hard not to love these two women.

Jane the Virgin

Romantic comedy A pregnant virgin! Apparently, it’s possible. At least, in Jane the Virgin. Jane decides to listen to her grandmother and stays a virgin until after her marriage. During a hospital check-up, something goes wrong and Jane gets accidentally inseminated with seeds from a couple trying to get pregnant. Lifechanging for good girl Jane.

What to expect when you’re expecting

Comedy Expectations get crushed, relationships are on fin ice and people find love in What to expect when you’re expecting. In the movie, you’ll see five couples, each of them dealing with pregnancy in a different way. Considering adoption, pregnant after a one-night stand, unwanted pregnancies in the family. This movie is absolutely easy to watch and very funny.

Nine months

Romantic comedy Sam (Hugh Grant) is doing great. He loves his girlfriend (Julianne Moore), runs a successful company, and drives a fabulous car. But when his girlfriend turns out to be pregnant, he doesn’t feel that great anymore. He has nine months to get used to the idea of becoming a daddy.


Romantic comedy Sixteen and pregnant. It happened to Juno, who got pregnant after a one-night stand with her good friend Paulie. Of course, at that age, they are not ready to have a child, so they decide to go for an abortion. In the waiting room of the clinic, Juno decides differently. She wants to give birth and look for a suitable adoption couple.


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Modern Family

Comedy Such an entertaining show! It’s about the family of Jay Pritchett, the proud father of Claire and Mitchell, who also have their own family. The tv-show shows the hilarious life of these three families, their connection, and many recognizable situations from everyday life.

Call the midwife

Drama Jenny just graduated and starts working as a midwife in a deprived area of London, where there is a lot of poverty. It doesn’t take her long to discover that she’s different; raised in wealthy circles. Maybe not the best idea to watch if you still have to give birth, but if you already are a mommy, you’ll love it.

Life as we know it

Romantic comedy A successful caterer and reporter go on a terrible date together. They have absolutely nothing in common, except for their love for goddaughter Sophie. When Sophie’s parents die, their life changes. Suddenly they have to combine parenthood with their busy job and they have to live under the same roof.

The good wife

Crime/Drama Her husband ends up in jail, so Alicia is on her own now. She picks up the working life, starts building a career, and also has to deal with her teenagers. Not an easy task.

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