MUST HAVE: the coziest and most delicious scented candles!

MUST HAVE: the coziest and most delicious scented candles!

Is it the fact that I am cold-blooded and belong in a warm country, or is it really the case that you can't go out without a coat anymore? While just a while ago we were complaining about the heat lasting just too long, we have now seen those rain showers and autumn temperatures. Been there, done that. Anyway, since this cold will last for a while, we just have to get the blankets out of the closet, put on thick sweaters, and...light the candles. Besides being cozy (and a way to warm your hands, for the chilly ones among us) scented candles also provide the room with a lovely smell. Time to score some new scented candles? Then quickly scroll on!

  1. Woodwick Fireside Au Coin Du Feu

No fireplace in the house? No problem, because this Woodwick-scented candle is a great alternative. After all, Woodwick's scented candles are known for their crackling sound. And let the scent of this candle, a delicious combination of amber, vetiver, and musk, also contribute to that ultimate fireplace feeling. Just what you need on cold autumn days.


  1. H&M Sublime Patchouli scented candle

Lover of patchouli? Then you should definitely expand your candle collection with this scented candle from H&M. I personally can't keep my nose away from it, it's that delicious.


  1. L'AIMÉ scented candle

Looking for a personalized scented candle? Then you've come to the right place at L'AIMÉ. This scented candle brand was born from the idea that burning a candle for those around you symbolizes four beautiful values: love, hope, warmth, and light. So they sell a scented candle for every occasion, and you can choose from three scents and three colors. We love!


  1. Rituals Imperial Rose scented candle

There's no getting around it: Rituals products are here to stay. So chances are good that a Rituals product has been on your bathroom shelf at some point. Do you have a soft spot for rose fragrance? Then your name is undoubtedly written on this scented candle.


  1. Diptyque Ambre scented candle

Those aesthetic candles you see so often on Instagram? Those are probably the ones from the French brand Diptyque. This candle with the aroma of ambergris is a pleasure for the nose, but certainly also a feast for the eyes. A real eye-catcher in your interior!


  1. Women's body scented candle

Of course, we don't need to tell you that candles in unusual shapes are totally trendy right now. Where it started with the bubble candle (you know, those candles with balls stacked in rows), these candles are now made in the craziest shapes. Buttons, teddy bears and so is the female body. A plus is that you can choose the scent of this candle yourself. So that can't go wrong anyway.


  1. MANGO Fig Leaf scented candle

A candle that lets its scent speak for itself, and is simple in design? Then you have a good option on your hands with this Fig Leaf scented candle from MANGO. This one is characterized by the top notes of fig. Perfect addition to a minimalist interior!


  1. Me & Mats Tin You Tigra scented candle

How cute is this leopard scented candle from Me & Mats?  The combination of citrus, patchouli, and watermelon will create a lovely scent in your living room (or bedroom or whatever). A plus is that the candle comes with a lid.


  1. Zusss bamboo scented candle

A wonderful scented candle for a nice price is this scented candle from Zusss. Let this candle burn and enjoy the smell of bamboo. And that golden heart makes it of course finished.


  1. Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir scented candle

Another brand known for its scented candles is Jo Malone. This Pomegranate Noir scented candle is known to candle lovers for its aromas of pomegranates, raspberries, pink pepper, and spicy wood notes. Even when you have burned up this candle, it will still be fine to use as decoration on that one little table.



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