Verwenbon Valentijnsdag cadeau

The must-have gifts for pregnant women this Valentine

Make your pregnant girl happy this Valentine

Valentine's Day coming right up... Time for the most beautiful, sweet, wonderful gift. Or course you can't skip this Valentine now that you're expecting a little one. These are the gifts your pregnant girlfriend most definitely wants:

The real deal

You wanna go big on this Valentine's Day? How beautiful is that, now that you are expecting a baby, your love even more immortalized on a necklace (or bracelet or ring). You can choose your initials, fingerprints or even a personal message, handwritten. Possibly with month of birth of your child engraved on the back. ♥


A treat voucher

Fair is fair. Being pregnant is tough. You've already given her the biggest present... It's on it's way and hard to outshine. Still, there are always ways to make her extra happy. For example by giving her a coupon with everything she'll receive from you this weekend (massage, breakfast in bed, her favourite movie, a soccer free weekend?)


Intimate moments

Watching the baby together, just at home, on the couch - the candles lit and delicious snacks. A moment of intimate relaxation for just the two of you. And of course your little one. A very special Valentine's gift, that Babywatcher!

Giftcard from €10 - €69

A pregnancy diner - made with love

Women love food. You know they do. She's not allowed to eat everything now she's pregnant, so that's how you'll get to surprise her. How about homemade sushi without fish or a delicious carpaccio she can eat? Plenty of variations on the internet! Make your girl happy!

© dehippevegetarier

A glossybox!

All those presents for your baby, now it's time for her! For a few months a super cool surprise box in front of her door. Or just once, whatever you want. Believe us, this will make her happy. Stuff to take care of herself: stuff to make her feel good despite her pregnancy.

from € 8,50

A love letter

A love letter is always a good idea. Well, almost always. Describe your feelings for her and how proud you are of her (as mummy (to be)). Extra special when you burn the edges of the letter, frame the letter or well... Be creative :)

© frankieprintco

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Your ultrasound at home

The Babywatcher contains everything you need to make your own pregnancy scans at home.

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