Meet the most comfortable maternity sportswear!

Meet the most comfortable maternity sportswear!

Now that you're pregnant...

you don't need to spend money on sportswear, since sports will be on hold for a while, right? Wrong! Staying active during your pregnancy does not harm at all. In fact, it offers many advantages. Mommies to be who exercise responsibly have fewer problems with pregnancy ailments, and sporty moms also recover faster from their delivery. And that is something we all want to sign up for. Of course, you should exercise responsibly during your pregnancy, and wear supportive and comfortable maternity sportswear. But what is a good maternity sports outfit, and what makes it so comfortable? 

Maternity sportswear: sports pants and sports leggings

The key element of comfortable maternity sportswear? Extra elastic and moisture wicking material, which ensures optimal comfort. In addition, sportswear worn during pregnancy should adequately support your growing baby belly. Elastic sports leggings with a high waist that completely cover your belly are ideal for this. In addition, sports pants for mothers-to-be often have a cuff at the waist that can grow with your belly. Compression shorts can also be extremely comfortable, as they give your legs plenty of freedom of movement and they keep you cool during intense workouts on hot days. Do you suffer from swelling due to varicose veins in the vulvar area? No worries, because compression shorts offer a solution. 

Maternity sportswear: sports bras and sports tops

In addition, sports bras with wide straps can also give you extra support while exercising. Also, a good sports bra that you can wear during your pregnancy should have enough coverage on both sides, to prevent an uncomfortable peek-a-boo. In addition to sports bras, long and stretchy sports tops that fit completely over the belly are recommended for pregnant women. In particular, sports tops with a close fit support your growing belly. Fair is fair: all the support you can get (yes, both mentally and physically) is welcome.

Tips for comfortable and stylish maternity sportswear

Of course, the eye wants something too. For instance, we like our sports top or sports bra to match our sports leggings. And with the spring jitters in the air, we're not averse to sportswear in a brighter color. Are you looking for comfortable, supportive, and stylish maternity sportswear to wear to your yoga class or aerobics class, or maybe to pregnancy gymnastics? Meet the finest web(stores) for the most comfortable maternity sportswear for luxury couples and budget savers! And yes, here you will find besides neutral sportswear also sports items in a bright color ;)

#1 H&M

Meet the most comfortable maternity sportswear! H&M1. Sports legging, €12,99 H&M2. Sports top, €19,99 H&M3. Sports bra, €19,99 H&M, 4. Sport bh, €24,99 H&M 

#2 C&A

Meet the most comfortable maternity sportswear! C&A

1. Maternity T-shirt €12,99 C&A2. Maternity legging, €21,99 C&A, 3. Sports bra, €19,99 C&A


Meet the most comfortable maternity sportswear! ASOS

1. Sports bra zebra, €27,99 ASOS2. Legging zebra, €27,99 ASOS3. Sports bra camel, €24,99 ASOS, 4. Shorts, €24,99 ASOS

#4 Mamalicious

Meet the most comfortable maternity sportswear! Mamalicious 1. Sports bra, €26,99 Mamalicious2. Maternity biker shorts, €24,99 Mamalicious3. Maternity legging, €29,99 Mamalicious, 4. Maternity top, €26,99 Mamalicious

#5 Nike 

Meet the most comfortable maternity sportswear! Nike1. Legging met hoge taille, €41,97 Nike2. Tanktop, €34,99 Nike3. Trui, €84,99 Nike, 4Damesshorts, €26,97 Nike 

#6 Adidas

 Meet the most comfortable maternity sportswear! Adidas1. Sportlegging blauw, €38,- Adidas2. Sportlegging rood, €38,- Adidas3. 3-stripes broek, €50,- Adidas, 4. Tanktop, €28,- Adidas 

#7 Reebok

Meet the most comfortable maternity sportswear! Reebok1. Maternity legging short, €45,- Reebok2. Biker short, €26,- Reebok, 3. Tank top, €25,- Reebok


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