Items that make your life with a baby easier

Items that make your life with a baby easier

Being a brand new mom.

That is absolutely wonderful, isn't it? To spend time with your own little creation, everything is picture perfect and seems to come straight from a dream. Unfortunately, this is also a case of too good to be true, back to reality. Sure, it is the most beautiful period of your life. But we can all agree that mom life also brings some struggles and worries. You love your mini-me so much that you cuddle him or her to death (admit it, we won't tell anyone), but at the same time, he or she is so vulnerable, and you are afraid that something will happen to your bébé. Worst nightmare, without a doubt. Another contributing factor is that your little darling can't talk yet and can't explain what he or she wants (and no, this doesn't count the oh-so-cute gibberish that makes you speak in baby tones yourself). Of course, there are our well-known mother instincts that tell you when something is wrong and what your baby needs. And yes, those instincts are accurate and rarely make mistakes (credits to us moms!). Still, we love to use all the tools we can get to ease those mom worries and focus on Q-time with our mini-me's. For this very reason, it was time to make a selection of things that would make your life with a bébé a lot easier. And have we ever let you down? Certainly not! That is why we would like to present to you some indispensable items for life with a mini-me.

Items that make your life with a baby easier

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  1. Milk Maker

My milkshake brings all the babies to the kitchen! The inventor of this must-have is definitely a genius. Why? Because this milk maker allows you to prepare a bottle at the ideal temperature with just one push of a button. Filling a bottle to the perfect temperature has never been so easy, has it? If everything in life was that easy...

  1. Anti-cramping band

One of your baby's biggest enemies is cramps. Especially when it's time to go to sleep. I can already hear you thinking, that will be another sleepless night full of crying and twisting by my baby. But that ends with an anti-cramp band that can relieve cramps. Attach the soft and comfortable band around your baby's tummy and back. The anti-cramp belt's success lies in its warmth, which means that your baby will focus more on the heat than on the cramps. 

  1. Sleeping trainer

It's a fact that cannot be ignored: we all need sleep. And this certainly applies to tiny babies. Quality sleep is crucial for your mini-me, and let's not forget the sleep trainer. A sleep trainer helps your baby fall asleep independently by using different sounds and a built-in cry sensor. To give the baby back the excellent feeling of mummy's tummy, the sleep trainer can play the familiar sounds of mom's blood circulation and heartbeat, among other things. In other words, it's a pleasant reminder of those cosy, relaxing months in mummy's tummy. This is certainly a nice change from the louder noises in the outside world, which can sometimes even be exciting for your baby.

  1. Baby Rocker

Your baby will spend much of the time in the pram asleep or resting. The Baby Rocker is a must-have here, as it rocks the pram with just one push of a button. This is ideal, as babies find vibrating movements enjoyable. These 'one-button' must-haves are starting to make you feel good, right?

  1. Babysense

This medical device is also related to sleep. Another must-have for good sleep? Yes, indeed. But as I said, this is one of the most important things for your baby. Babysense is a sensor mat that you can easily slip under your baby's mattress. It uses sensor dots to detect your baby's movements. The best thing about it is that it immediately alerts you when something is wrong with your baby. As you can imagine, this ensures a good night's sleep for your baby, but also for you! Win-win.

  1. Smart baby camera

A Lollipop smart baby camera is quite pricey but definitely worth it. When I say smart baby camera, I mean really smart. It has live streaming and recording capabilities, sound and motion detection, temperature, humidity sensor, music, and talk-back function. Long live technology!

  1. Baby car mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall! Want to take a peek at the little one in the back of the car every now and then? To admire how cute he or she is, or simply check how your baby is doing? Then a car mirror is an excellent investment. Attach the mirror to the seat's headrest, and then you can keep an eye on your baby via the rear-view mirror.

  1. Delicate baby socks

Last but not least, baby socks. Now you're probably thinking, of course, I already knew that my baby can't live without baby socks. Sure, that's right. But I think we all know the struggle of baby socks falling down. And the irritation that follows time and time again. So let's go and find some nice socks that don't fall down.


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