International Women's Day: time for #selflove

International Women's Day: time for #selflove

Who run the world?

Girls do! Today is International Women's Day, and therefore today is all about us, ladies. About our (spring)power. About our beauty. Our ambition. About our perseverance. About our uniqueness. And so I could go on and on. Because who is strong enough to bring new life into the world (and carry this little miracle in your body for 9 months first)? Who can take care of themselves independently? Who throws everything aside every time to be there for others? I believe that these are more than enough reasons to reflect today (although we should do this every day of course) on the amazing miracle called woman. Yes, you are a miracle! 

Why International Women's Day?

As if I hadn't already listed enough reasons why we should (read: should!) stop and think about women today. In fact, we should not only commemorate women but also fight for women's rights. Actually, the most important reason why today is entirely dedicated to women, is that unfortunately there is still gender inequality in all areas. Yes, also in the Netherlands, also in 2022.

Equal wages in all industries? Equal career opportunities? Equal division of labor in the area of unpaid care tasks, such as housekeeping and caring for children? Unfortunately, this is still not the case in 2022. And these are just a few reasons why women's rights should be fought for. Did you also know that a large number of languages still do not distinguish between male and female professional names, or only have the male professional name? Time to realize gender equality, in all possible areas! Perhaps you can start by looking sweetly at your hubby and talking about an equal division of labor in the field of housekeeping and taking care of the little one, as soon as he or she arrives ;)

Tips to support International Women's Day

You don't want to miss International Women's Day, but you have no idea how you can easily do your part? Below you'll find some tips to support this day. These tips may seem simple to you, but you can certainly make a difference (and compared to elaborate marches, these tips require a lot less of your pregnant body)!

  • Buying a bunch of flowers, having lunch, or stocking up on fruits and vegetables? Do so with one (or of course several) female entrepreneur(s), and support the success of their business this way.
  • Share messages about International Women's Day on social media, to raise awareness and knowledge about International Women's Day.
  • Send a message to some fellow females who are close to your heart and let them know how wonderful, smart, strong, and ambitious they are.
  • You may not be able to execute this one until next week during the municipal elections, but it is oh so important: vote for a woman!

 International Women's Day: time for #selflove

Ways to make a fact of #selflove

In addition to remembering the amazing and unique characteristics of women and standing up for women's rights, you also want to celebrate yourself today. And you deserve it! Especially now that a little person is growing inside you. Often we forget that loving yourself is extremely important and should undoubtedly be a priority. Not just today, but every day. Be a little kind to yourself! With the tips below, you should certainly be able to do so.

  1. Beauty and self-care

Pregnant and tired body? Or just troubled by restless skin? Then make today one of the highlights of a wonderful pregnancy massage or beauty treatment. Today is about you as a strong mother-to-be. Pamper yourself with a facial, or perhaps a lovely pedicure (since you may not be able to paint your toenails).

  1. Spa at home

Feel like pampering yourself, but don't want to leave the house? Enjoy a nice bath at home. Light the candles, put on your favorite series, and enjoy a delicious mocktail in the bath. Of course, make sure the bath isn't too hot so your body temperature doesn't rise too much.

  1. Visit the hairdresser

In need of a new look? Visit the hairdresser. Be surprised, or show a picture of that beautiful hairstyle you saw passing by on Insta the other day.

  1. Write down your best features

Take a pencil and paper and write down 10 things about yourself that you are most proud of. Be sure not to throw away this valuable piece of paper, and read it every day. This way you remind yourself that you are worth it and matter!

  1. Flowers

Flower lover? Put yourself in the spotlight and treat yourself to a beautiful bunch of flowers. Or maybe even two.

  1. Shop shop shop

Tired of your clothes? Give your wardrobe an update and score those cool shoes or that cute dress.

  1. Stop social comparison once and for all

Stop comparing yourself to others! It's in human nature, but this doesn't mean it can't be dangerous for your self-esteem. And yes, social media and the perfect pictures posted on it can contribute to this in negative ways. You are beautiful and unique just the way you are!

  1. Put yourself first

Put yourself first today. Do you feel like crawling on the couch, eating ice cream, and watching a rom-com by yourself? That's totally fine. Don't apologize for this either. 

  1. Let others take care of you

Let yourself be pampered. Does your hubby offer to cook a delicious meal, as well as vacuum and iron? Dare to say yes and relinquish control. And...don't feel guilty about this!

  1. Favorite sport

Feel like doing your favorite sport? Go for it girl. Make sure this is a sport you can do responsibly with a pregnant body. Having doubts? Read our blog post about sports during pregnancy.


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