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Inducing labour: what works?

Are you almost due or even past the predicted date? One thing is certain: you can't wait for your baby to arrive! But how can you make sure he gets out quickly? Can you induce labour yourself and how do you do it?

No baby yet?

At the beginning of your pregnancy, the midwife will tell you the due date. You have been looking forward to this day for months! You attach so much value to it. But then suddenly it's time, but there is no baby in sight yet. Only four or five percent of all babies are born on the exact due date. From that day onwards, you feel extra pressure and tension. Now it is really going to happen. Everyone sends you messages: "No baby yet?" You wait and wait, but feel nothing. Only how heavy your body is, how tired you are due to the poor sleep and how you are actually done with the whole pregnancy. Time for the baby! Can you make it happen and induce contractions yourself?

Inducing labour

There are quite a few theories about what you should drink or do to make your baby come sooner. But to be honest, the chances are pretty minimal and it has not been proven, except for one! Anyway, if you are waiting, and can't wait any longer, you might as well try out some theories. You never know!

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Making ultrasounds at home

  • Stripping No, no, not by taking off your clothes and dancing around. Stripping is the only way to induce your baby that is actually proven. What is it? The midwife inserts her fingers into the cervix and separates the membranes from the uterine wall with her fingers. It's also known as a membrane sweep. This causes extra prostaglandin to be produced. The substance that promotes dilation and stimulates contractions. Small disadvantage: there must already be dilation. Otherwise it is not possible. So please be patient.
  • Exercise Although the couch is certainly comfortable, it is best to keep moving. So take a walk now and then and visualise how your baby is getting ready for the big moment! You can do a squat once in a while to increase the space in the pelvis.

Pamper yourself

  • Time for sex! Once your water has broken, you may no longer have sex. But if you are still eagerly awaiting that moment, try to get intimate with your partner (or by yourself of course). An orgasm may help to induce labour. Your uterus contracts during an orgasm, just as it does during a contraction. Sperm also contain the substance prostaglandin, which, as we have seen, is also very beneficial. So jump on your partner and have long and extensive sex, with an orgasm!
  • Nipple massage This one's for your partner again. Or you can give it a try yourself. By massaging your nipples you can make the uterus contract. Use a little oil to prevent irritation.
  • Acupressure A Chinese therapy that can provide relaxation and healing. It is similar to acupuncture. According to this therapy, the body has certain points where energy flows. By addressing these points, labour can be initiated.
  • Foot reflexology massage Lovely, a foot massage. But it can also be useful. This is an alternative healing method that assumes that all nerve paths end at your feet. By massaging your feet, your body relaxes. There is also a pressure point on the inside of your foot that is related to the uterus. Massaging this point can help to initiate labour. So, massage time!


  • Spicy food A spicy dish might help. It stimulates the intestines and can stimulate the uterus to contract. The downside is that when your baby actually comes, this spicy food may cause you to suffer. Vomitting during labour, is no fun.
  • Pineapple Quinine is said to have a stimulating effect on labour. And guess what: it is found in pineapple, and especially in its heart. So you want to give birth this week? Then eat lots and lots of pineapple every day. Because only if you eat a lot of pineapple daily it can possibly have an effect. Worth a try, right? P.S. Already had enough of it? Try grilled pineapple. It is delicious!


  • Evening Primrose Oil This oil contains prostaglandins: a hormone-like substance that can induce contractions. Just what you need. Take one 500 mg capsule three times a day. Another option is to insert the capsule into your vagina, so that the oil flows directly to the cervix.
  • Castor oil By swallowing castor oil, you can induce intestinal cramps and bowel movements, which can induce labour. Put 60 ml in a glass of fruit juice and drink it.

For the tea-lovers

  • Lady's mantle tea Tea rich in tannin: a substance that has an astringent effect on the uterus. So don't drink it during pregnancy until 39 or 40 weeks. A few cups a day could help the delivery, is said. It also helps the uterus to recover more quickly after delivery. Some women take lady's mantle tea after giving birth because of the healing effect.
  • Raspberry leaf tea This tea is known for its beneficial effect on the uterus and muscles in the pelvis. Your muscles relax and strengthen, so drinking this tea can make labour go more smoothly. It is not meant to induce contractions, but it can help you relax when the time comes.
  • Medical inducing
With all these possibilities to speed up the delivery, it should be alright. In any case, you can keep yourself busy the next few days. Doesn't it all work out and your baby still won't how his or herself? Then you'll just have to wait until 42 weeks. Then you will be medically induced in the hospital. So, although the days seem to get longer and longer and the waiting seems to last forever. You can count down to 42 weeks, because that is when you will actually meet your baby.

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