I'm going to the beach with my baby and taking with me....

I'm going to the beach with my baby and taking with me....

It's finally here: the Dutch summer. Yes, it's always the question of whether it will show up or whether we will go straight from spring to fall. But after months of complaining about bad weather, we can now really enjoy tropical temperatures. For lovers of the heat, it is an automatic reaction to immediately grab the car keys from the hook in the shed and drive to the beach. Time to bake!

Although there's no disputing that the heat works like a (very strong) magnet for many, there are still plenty of people who prefer to seek out the cool. And rightly so, because not everyone can stand the heat. Think of the elderly, but also of babies, who have not yet seen much sun. Are you taking your little one to the beach? Then get out the biggest bag you have and fill it (and the trunk of your car) with lots of beach essentials for your little one! Afraid you'll forget something important? Then be sure to keep the list below handy while packing. And after that: Vamos a la playa!

  1. Sunscreen

Of course, good sunscreen comes first, because you absolutely must not forget it! Sun exposure (in moderation) is not a problem for your little one, as long as he or she is well protected. This SPF50 sunscreen from Naïf protects the skin of your mini-me against UVA and UVB radiation and contains no mineral oils, parabens, or silicones. And yes, this cream is also friendly to the ocean. This is nice if you want to keep swimming in it on beach days like this!


Sunscreen for baby & kids - €21,95

  1. Sun hat and swim cap

Protect your baby's head (and neck) by getting him or her a cute sun hat or swimming cap. That way, the sun won't burn your little one's head directly. And we bet you'll have fun picking out a fashionable one too!

Sun hat - €5,99


Reversible sun hat - €9,99

  1. Sunglasses

Everyone knows it. Squeezing your eyes because the sun shines so brightly in your eyes and you do not have sunglasses with you. The result: watery eyes. Save your baby this by bringing a pair of protective sunglasses in your beach bag.

Children's Sunglasses - €21,95


Sunglasses incl. string - €15,95

  1. Swimwear

In addition to your swimwear, don't forget to pack a swimsuit, bikini, or swimming trunks for your mini-me. If you want to opt for optimal UV protection, a swimsuit is also a good option. Too cute in that little size, right?

Set of bathing suits - €19,99


Set of swimming shorts - €17,99


Swim outfit - €24,-


Swimsuit - €24,-

  1. Parasol

As much as your little one adores the sun at this age, it's important to make sure your baby seeks out the shade regularly. How do you do that? Take a parasol with you! 

Parasol - €39,95 (parasol foot not included)

  1. Picnic blanket

Going to the beach with a baby just means you're dragging a lot of stuff with you. Do you want to leave the beach at the end of the day sand-free (as far as that's possible)? Then make sure a picnic blanket is one of those items you're dragging along so you can put everything else on it. Trust us, a beach or bath towel is too small.


Picnic blanket - €39,95

  1. Filled cooler

Chances are that there are cozy beach bars just a few feet from your blanket. Still, with small kids, it's always a good idea to bring along a well-stocked cooler with snacks and drinks. And with this stylish example, it's certainly not a punishment.


Cool box - €39,99

  1. Toys

A whole day just lying still is not going to make anyone happy. Neither does your baby. So fill your bag with toys for the beach. A bucket of scoops and sand molds will get you very far. Let the sandcastle building competition begin, and compete with your little one against the other families.


Sand Shapes - €14,-


Sand shovel - €10,-


Beach Bucket - €17,-

  1. Diaper bag

Yes, we know, it's a horror scenario if you forgot these. Let's put it this way, then you can simply turn around and go back home. Therefore, one more time: do not forget a well-stocked diaper bag, including plenty of swim diapers and baby wipes!


Diaper bag - €59,95

  1. Travel cot

Do you want your baby to take a nap on the beach? You can do so if you bring a travel cot, as you can fold it up and down very quickly. Often travel cots are also equipped with a mosquito net so that your little one cannot be bothered by mosquitoes during his or her journey to dreamland. Always make sure that the travel cot is placed in the shade.

Travel cot - €39,95

  1. Beach tent

Not only great for the little one but also for you: a tent that offers protection against UV radiation. Ideal for those times when you are tired of the sun and you need some shade.


Pop up beach tent - €44,95 €29,95

  1. Swim straps

Getting your mini me used to seawater for the first time? Then rubber bands are a must. And your attentive gaze, of course ;)

Panther swimming straps - €8,06

  1. Hydrocloths

After the first encounter with seawater, a hydrofield cloth comes in handy. The absorbent and soft characteristics of these towels ensure that your baby is dry and warm again in no time.


Hydrofield Cloth - €10,- €7,-


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