How to survive the summer heat when you're pregnant

How to survive the summer heat when you're pregnant

Complaining about the weather is something we do all too often (and all too gladly). Living in a country where the weather is not always good can sometimes be a disappointment. Especially when plans literally fall through the cracks. But let that be different in the summer. Sun, sea, and sand are the keys. And refreshing fruit and delicious drinks. And good company. But okay, back to the heat for a moment. Because no matter how wonderful it is, let's not forget one thing: you're pregnant. And that changes the situation a bit (read: enormously). It's an extra struggle in the summer heat with a baby bump. The inevitable question is, therefore: how do I survive the summer heat during my pregnancy? We've got you covered with 13 tips to survive the summer!

Tips to survive the summer

  1. Apply sunscreen properly

As much as you love the sun, it's wise to be extra careful with exposure to it during pregnancy. For example, it is important to regularly apply sunscreen with a high protection factor to prevent a pregnancy mask. A pregnancy mask can occur because pregnancy hormones cause irregular pigmentation in the face. So, make sure you put on the right amount of sunscreen!


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  1. Seek out the shade

Try to find as much shade as possible, for example by using a parasol when you spend a day at the beach. Is there no other option but to spend some time in the sun? Then avoid bright sunlight on your pregnant belly, since your mini-me can perceive light from the 7th month of pregnancy onwards. Of course, your baby doesn't have sunglasses yet, so protect him or her from the bright light by shading your belly. Also, wear something on your head to protect your orb from the sun's rays, like a stylish straw hat!


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  1. Eat salt in moderation

Fluid accumulation can be an annoying pregnancy ailment. Think swollen feet and ankles, but also a swollen face. That's why it's a good idea to avoid eating too much salt, as this will only encourage fluid retention. Still, suffering from excess fluid in the legs or feet? Try to move your legs and feet as much as possible to stimulate blood circulation.

  1. Savor light salads

Most people, pregnant or not, will agree that fresh and light meals taste better than hot and heavy dishes in the summer. Fortunately, you can go a long way with salads! Try preparing a delicious rice salad with mango and feta cheese (made from pasteurized milk) or a Greek orzo salad. A feast is guaranteed!


Rice salad with mango and feta cheese

Greek orzo salad

  1. Enjoy refreshing drinks

It is important to stay hydrated on hot summer days, pregnant or not. Try to get at least 2 liters of fluids a day in the summer. And no, don't let the thought of emptying your bladder more often than you already do stop you from doing that. How do we stay hydrated? By consuming plenty of refreshing drinks of course! Watermelon and lime are a perfect combination, as are apple and mint.


Watermelon and lime

 Apple and mint

  1. Wear linen or cotton clothing

Leave clothes made of fabrics that breathe less well in the closet for now. Airy clothing with breathability is key on hot summer days. Think cotton or linen clothes, preferably in a light color. And that's good, because linen is totally on-trend!


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  1. Provide cool rooms in your home

Make the air conditioner or fan your best friend, and make sure the rooms in the house are properly cooled. Leave the windows closed during the day, as well as the curtains. That way you'll stay cool yourself on hot summer days. Oh yes, throw those thick blankets in the closet too, and conjure up the cotton sheets when you go to sleep.

  1. Chilling

chilling. There are several ways to keep yourself cool: a lukewarm shower, a foot bath, a cold washcloth, a water ice cream, a refreshing drink or simply munching on ice cubes. You get the idea.

  1. Swimming

Swimming during pregnancy has enormous benefits, and let's add cooling down on summer days to that. Find the pool or look sweetly at your partner and plan a day at the beach. It will undoubtedly do you good!

  1. Naps

Taking naps was something you loved before pregnancy, and all the more so now. No one will blame you if you retire for the day and take a nap. Such a power nap can certainly do a lot for you when the heat makes you sleep less well at night. And hey, it's nothing crazy at all, since a siesta is part of the daily routine in countries with tropical climates!

  1. Increase your productivity in the morning

Are there quite a few things on your to-do list? Then set the alarm a little earlier and get to work early in the morning to finish this to-do list. Temperatures are often mild in the morning, so you can still get your must-do's done.

  1. Maternity swimsuit

Is swimming on the agenda? Depending on how many weeks you are pregnant, you may find that your old swimwear still fits you or not. Has your belly grown a lot by now and is your old swimsuit no longer comfortable? Then it's time to buy a maternity bathing suit. Who says it can't be stylish?


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  1. Sandals or flip flops

Just like the clothes you wear, your shoes should also be nice and airy in the summer. Because no one is waiting for extra swollen feet due to closed shoes. Think of it as an excuse to shop for a sandal or a comfortable pair of flip flops ;)

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