How to prepare your child for the baby’s arrival?

How to prepare your child for the baby’s arrival?

Congratulations! A baby is growing in your belly (again). It is essential to prepare your child well for its arrival. But how do you go about it? Check out these 6 tips!

Telling your child

As soon as your pregnant belly becomes visible, it is a good time to tell your child. A little brother or sister is on the way! Involve your child in your growing belly and show them that you are getting rounder and rounder because a baby is growing inside you.

Make your child feel big

Is the baby getting the big brother's or sister's cot? Explain why! The chances are that the big brother or sister will feel extra special if you give the cot to the baby together and your child gets to choose a big bed himself. Above all, give the feeling that your child's opinion counts when it comes to the baby's arrival and that you are in it together.

"Can you feel the baby kicking? Let your child enjoy it!"

Read stories about the arrival of the baby

Some books prepare your child for the arrival of a brother or sister. In this way, you can make it clear in a simple way what is going on and that it is all very nice!

Encouraging independence

Slowly but surely, try to ensure that your child becomes more independent. Then, a child that has already found its place and way can better accept the arrival of a brother or sister.

Involve your child in the pregnancy

Let your child choose a sweet, cuddly toy or cute clothes for the baby. Ask for his or her opinion when you go shopping together or when you have bought something new. Can you feel the baby kicking? Let your child enjoy it! It is also fun to take your child to an ultrasound or rent the Babywatcher. Then, to watch the baby together (at home). That way, your child will understand more and more that a baby is growing inside you and a little brother or sister is on the way. And, how special is it to enjoy this beautiful period together with your child?

Do not create false expectations

It can go wrong if you create the wrong expectations. For example, it is often said that a brother or sister is coming to play nicely together. But then the baby arrives, and they can't play together at all. This can lead to disappointment.
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