hoe ga ik om met mijn zwangere vrouw

How to deal with my pregnant wife?

A baby on the way: special times! You're overjoyed and head over heels. Well, sometimes. All these hormones don't make it easy. How do you deal with your pregnant wife? We'll tell you!

You're walking on eggshells to keep her calm, but instead she bursts out again. You try so hard, but at the moment you can't do much good in the eyes of your pregnant wife. One minute she's so sweet, she is glowing completely and looks at you with her lovely smile. A few seconds later, this cute smile disappears and an angry look appears again. Out of nowhere. What have you done wrong? Honestly, a pregnant woman is not easy to deal with. It's not you, don't worry!


Feed her!

Food makes her happy. Especially when pregnant. Remember, when a pregnant woman says she's hungry, she's really hungry! She has to eat NOW, not in five minutes, not in two minutes. Now. Want to be her hero? Make sure to always have a tasty snack for your wife! Wherever you are.

Share your food, but stay away from her food!

Food is a sensitive topic during pregnancy. Hint: share your food with love, don't say 'no' if she wants to finish your portion and especially keep your hands off of her food! Only two pieces of chocolate left in the cupboard? Don't do it! You don't want her to find out, during a hunger attack, that you've eaten her last piece of chocolate.

She's always right!

Remember, a pregnant woman always knows best! Especially when it comes to childbirth, pregnancy or baby related issues. Would she like to give birth at home? Agree with her. Are you arguing about something? Let it go. You just don't want to argue with a pregnant woman. There's no point.

Take good care of her and be nice!

Enough sleep, plenty of food and a nice massage once in a while. It does wonders. Keep an eye on her (but don't be too conspicuous) and make sure she gets as few stressful moments as possible. A happy mummy is much more fun! So help her with the chores, the nursery and other relevant tasks. The occasional compliment can't hurt either (but not about her belly)!

Be patient and accept.. everything!

Huge breasts you can't touch, yep. Sex? Nope! An hour late, that's okay. Cancel last-minute parties, that's okay too. Crying because you're out of peanut butter? Deal with it! Lost the remote 20 times a week? No problem. The housekeeping, that's all yours. Cause, well, your wife's already carrying a baby for you. Do you know how heavy that is? So bite your lip, keep laughing and don't complain! It's only for a few months!

Brush your teeth more often & shower before bedtime

Your pregnant girlfriend has a better smell than ever. So your scent is a lot stronger now. It's not impossible that she even thinks you're smelly (sometimes). Your sweat, (body) odor... Also be careful with your alcohol breath.

Show interest in the baby

If you show interest in the baby and the developments in her belly, it feels less like she is on her own. She likes to feel that you're pregnant together. Go to the ultrasound scans together and check Google every now and then and surprise her with fun pregnancy facts. Is she itchy and doesn't she know why? It is nice if you can tell her that this is a common pregnancy ailment!


Meddle with her food!

Tastes differ. But if you want to keep the peace, leave her and the crazy combinations she's been eating lately. Pickles and chocolate, yummy. Yeah, you'll get that for her. Food is sacred at this time, so don't ridicule her and her cravings. Is it getting too unhealthy for the baby? Of course, you're free to intervene then. Then you can intervene of course. When she's only eating sweets, greasy food, or forbidden food (raw fish, raw meat etc.), of course you are free to comment on that!

Tell her she's getting bigger

Please don't say she got fat, even if she asks. A rounder head? Thicker legs? "No, darling. I don't know why you'd even think that." Even though she is fat, she has rounded cheeks and has double chin times 10. Don't. Say. It. Don't. Does she have a cute swollen belly? Please keep it to yourself! It's for your own safety.

Being funny

Even if you're still so funny, maybe you'd better cut back a little bit in the next few months. Because although she used to laugh about your jokes, she appreciates them a little less now. It's as if the baby's eating her humor. A joke can easily trigger an outburst of anger and be taken wrong. So think carefully before you say anything, better yet, just don't joke anymore. Just to be on the safe side.

She's not weak

Men tend to be protective as soon as they find out their wife is pregnant. She's not allowed to lift anything, the door is opened for her, they constantly check if she eats enough... Stay out of it, okay? Leave her alone. She can take care of herself. Unless she asks for it.

Don't complain!

Don't complain about her. Ever. She's the one that's pregnant. She's the one carrying your baby. You don't know how she feels and how tough it can be. So, stick to the above. And keep smiling. Yep, nobody said it was easy. Just like the Coldplay song. Good luck! Long story short, it's not easy being a guy either. Luckily, it's only for a few months. Stay strong! Why am I losing hair during pregnancy?


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