Help, my baby is no longer a baby!

Help, my baby is no longer a baby!


Lately, I noticed that the toddler parades through the house like a real little gentleman. Communication is getting better and better, and he knows what he wants or (especially) does not want. He is a real little wise guy, so bright.

The other day, the daycare center called. I immediately thought that we had to go and get him, maybe he had become ill or fallen down. But no, something completely different was going on. Does the toddler want to go to the group for 2-year-olds and older?

What do you mean, a 2-year-old? Pats. A short circuit in my brain. But the daycare teacher on the phone went on and on. He grew so much, his friend has also joined the group recently, and they adore each other so much. We have a place available from April, are you interested? April? Oh my god! It just so happens that we actually have a 2-year-old from the end of March. I nod and stammer on the phone in the sense that we think the 'big' group is a good idea. And I would like to ask my boyfriend what he thinks of it. Our baby, eh toddler, goes to the 2-year-olds group.

As soon as I hang up, everything goes through me. Where has my baby gone? A 2-year-old toddler. My baby who slept on my chest, with its beautiful hair (now curly), those little hands and feet. The baby who drank his milk bottles with great gusto and then dozed off satisfied. And always wanted to be close to mommy or daddy.

It is so hard to comprehend. Because as cliché as it is - and I know every mom says it - time goes really fast. Too fast if you ask me. Even though the days are sometimes long, a year flies by so quickly. In my mind, we really wrap up the baby phase now with his 2nd birthday (and as the icing on the cake for him, the new group at daycare). What rollercoaster motherhood is. But it is the most beautiful one there is.

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