Getting married during your pregnancy: how to make it a big success!

Getting married during your pregnancy: how to make it a big success!

Congratulations! You are going to marry the love of your life and are also expecting your love child. A unique moment! Yet it feels like a challenge at the same time: both pregnancy and organizing a wedding ask a lot of you. The doomsday scenarios fly through your head: what if I'm bothered by my enemies called pregnancy ailments? What if I'm so tired I can't even enjoy my big day? What if my ring no longer fits? What if my dream dress that I dreamed of as a little girl is no longer an option because of my pregnant belly? Ho, stop! Breathe in, breathe out. Thanks to your numerous predecessors, there are now many tips for women who marry with a baby bump. With the tips below, you'll be able to enjoy your big day pregnantly and carefree. Just pretend you're Cinderella and let the good fairy and her team take care of everything for you ;)

Wedding dress
To start with the elephant in the room: the wedding dress. Because fair is fair, that comes before anything else. Maybe you are someone who, as a little girl, dreamed of wearing a princess dress to her wedding. Now that it's almost here, you're looking for that dream dress from your fantasy. Pregnant or not, you don't want to compromise on The Dress. Period. Fortunately, you don't have to, since most bridal stores offer the option of adapting a regular wedding dress to your pregnant belly. How does that work? Usually, you choose a dress in a larger size, which is taken in at all places except at your belly. Nice work of the seamstresses!

Are you starting to sigh at the thought of all these alterations? Understandable, since arranging the perfect wedding is enough work for the perfectionists among us. Then a maternity dress is an ideal way out. Certain maternity dress brands also have beautiful wedding dresses in their collection. Spoiler alert: don't be disappointed, but even a position wedding dress will have to be adjusted to your body. Not as much as a regular wedding dress, but still: be prepared. Everything for your Big Day ;)

Tip: you know better than anyone that your belly can grow a lot in a short time. So make the decision now to try on your dress one week before the wedding one last time and then have it made to measure. This will prevent waves of panic (and possible arguments with the people around you) when you find out right before the wedding that the dress no longer fits.

Shoes and lingerie
To complete the perfect picture, you'll want to wear that one princess shoe with heels. Our advice: reconsider if this is a real option. After all, an ugly fall is definitely not one of the memories you want to leave from your wedding, nor is spending the day with severe pelvic or back pain. If you really can't get the idea of heeled shoes out of your head, you can opt for a low-heeled shoe and bring flats as a backup (you know, for the end of the day when it's time to dance). That way you still keep it safe and comfortable. 

Of course, the look is only fully complete with gorgeous bridal lingerie that offers plenty of support. Before you enthusiastically plan an outing to go hunting for bridal lingerie: remember that a pregnant body grows, and so do your breasts. And a bra that's too small...yeah, we're not even going to talk about that. Therefore, it is wise to score the lingerie 1 to 2 weeks before the wedding.

Timing is key. And especially so when you're getting married with baby bump. Doctors advise pregnant women to say their vows between the 3rd and 7th month of pregnancy. Because chances are that by then you have said goodbye to Mr. Tiredness and you want to fully enjoy your day. In addition, your baby bump is probably not very big yet, so you can still move freely and you are not waddling down the aisle.

Not only the stage of your pregnancy but also the time of year is important when it comes to timing. Getting married in extreme heat in the middle of summer with a pregnant belly? Not exactly, you probably say no to that. Spring and fall are therefore more suitable times for a wedding. Yes, that little one in your belly already has so much going for it!

A golden tip is to make sure that the wedding venue is pregnancy-proof: a few stairs and rooms where you can retreat for a while when you feel like you need to unwind. In terms of travel, don't make the day program too complicated either: make sure you don't have to travel far between the location of the ceremony and that of the party. Or of course don't travel at all, even better! Trust us, you will be doing many people a favor with that. Getting in and out of the car with such a long dress is not ideal.

Are you already dreading having to travel all the way home after such a beautiful but also long day before you can crawl under the covers? Then choose a wedding location where you can stay overnight. Then all you have to do is take the trolley to your room!

Wedding menu 
Another wedding planning activity you're really looking forward to is putting together the wedding menu. Now that you're pregnant, the fun doesn't have to stop there. So let the caterers know from the first contact you have with them that you are pregnant. Then they can put together a menu consisting of food products that are safe for you to eat as a pregnant woman. And yes, even then they can still put together a menu that will blow you away!

In addition, you may praise whoever came up with the idea of non-alcoholic drinks. With non-alcoholic champagne, wine, or cocktails (or rather mocktails) you can still enjoy a chic drink on your big day.

For some people, it's easier to outsource work than others, but when it comes to arranging a wedding during your pregnancy it's a must. No worries, this certainly doesn't mean that you can't take care of the fun stuff of organizing your dream wedding yourself. It simply means that you may have to put your pride aside and ask your partner, parents, or friends for help. Do they have their hands full already too? Then you might want to get some professional help. A wedding planner it is!

A honeymoon is often seen as the icing on the cake of a wonderful wedding. And of course, you are right that you want to spend quality time together as newlyweds. If you have to fly for your honeymoon, it is good to keep in mind that from a certain point in your pregnancy you are no longer allowed to fly. Most airlines will refuse you from week 36 of your pregnancy. A destination you can reach by car is always an option, as is postponing your honeymoon. Nothing wrong with that at all!


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