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6 colorful gender reveal ideas

Ready to find out if you're having a boy or a girl? You probably can't wait for the answer so, let's go and set up a great gender reveal party with these 6 colorful gender reveal ideas.

Pie please!

What pie is a better gender reveal idea than one with blue and pink decorations? You can use foodcoloring to color it blue or pink on the inside if you use it for the reveal itself. Leave the filling a neutral color if the pie ist just a yummy snack.


Create your own photo booth with some cute foto props. One of the gender reveal ideas that can't be missing is the gender prediction your guests make. Team pink or team blue? What does the majority think? Fun times guaranteed!


Make or buy pink or blue lemonade for a colorful drink. This fits the big question perfectly and you're so close to the answer. Whatever it will be make a toast to that sweet baby! Make sure that the drinks also taste good, not just look good.


Of all the gender reveal ideas this is a special one. Settle in on your couch, make an ultrasound and have your guests watch it with you. Can they see the gender of the baby? With a bit of luck it's possible to see this with the Babywatcher.

No party without balloons

Get a big cardboard box, decorate it and fill it with (helium)balloons. When you open the box they will rise up out of the box. Tip: Attach the balloons to the bottom of the box so they don't fly away when you open it up.

Make it rain!

How cool would it be if your guests would make it rain confetti on you? Of course not just any confetti, but in the color of the seks of your baby. Extra exciting if you don't know the gender of the baby yet and this is the reveal. In 3, 2, 1, TADAA!

Wondering who baby will look like? Read about it here.

Another important party during pregnancy is the babyshower. Make it one to remember.


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