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Food cravings during your pregnancy

(Crazy) Food cravings during your pregnancy

Vegetarian, but all of a sudden an enormous desire for meat? Before, you thought olives were so disgusting, now you can’t think of anything else. Hello pregnancy food cravings!

Everyone knows. During pregnancy, your will is law when it comes to food. In the mood for ice cream? Your partner better fetch it for you as soon as possible. If you feel like something, then you really feel like it! When you’re hungry, you’re not just hungry. You are really, really hungry and you need food straight away. You can hardly put your mind to rest and can only focus on the food you desire. Can you raise your partner in such a way that he will go to the supermarket as soon as your cravings start or even better: he always brings food for you – just in case, where ever you guys go?

How is it possible?

The reason is not so hard to guess: hormones. Just like almost all other unpleasantries during your pregnancy. Unfortunately hormones are super hard to control. So it’s tough to stop the desire for certain kinds of food. But why would you stop your crazy cravings? Unless they are too unhealthy for you and your baby of course, then you should definitely try to fight it. Having trouble fighting them? You’re not alone! But do try to ask some help around you. Ask your partner to keep an eye, even if this means war now and then.

Well known pregnancy cravings you might already have:

  • Ice cream
Ice to heal a broken heart? Nah, not anymore. Now it’s to fight those terrible pregnancy hormones and make everything barrable again. About 40% of all pregnant women regularly crave ice cream. Are you one of them?

The award for most bizarre craving goes to Britney Spears and her longing for earth.

  • Pickles Perhaps the most famous craving during pregnancy: pickles. But not for everyone. It’s possible that you didn’t like it the past few years, but now all of the sudden you love it! The sweet and sour. Delicious. You eat jars of pickles daily. However, the other way around is also possible. You’re just not that into it anymore since you’re pregnant. Which of the two are you?
  • Chocolate Who doesn’t love a piece of chocolate every now and then? This desire can definitely increase during pregnancy. Caramel sea salt, white chocolate, nutty chocolate. Yummy! Be careful and never eat the last chocolate block in the house with a preggo around.
  • Asian, spicy, food You feel like eating Asian food all the time. How you would die like having some right now. Ever since you’ve been pregnant, you crave spicy food even more. You can’t help yourself and want to throw in some sambal, tabasco and chili peppers in just about everything. However, this isn’t really possible, cause then you might get heartburn. That sucks.
  • Coffee You’re so terribly tired and you need coffee! But you can’t have coffee, well, at least not as much as you would like to. Cause coffee isn’t that great for you in your pregnancy and the recommended amount of coffee is one cup a day. Again: that sucks!
  • Pizza Greasy food, oh my god, how much you long for it! It’s okay to have pizza once in a while, but not too often okay? Think of your little one!
  • Chips Cheese-onion nibbits, natural chips, ham-cheese… Even by reading this you start to drool. A bag of chips in your neighborhood isn’t safe around you at the moment. Oh how you love the salt!

The most crazy pregnancy food cravings..

The cravings above are not necessarily healthy, but they are quite normal. There are also a lot of less normal cravings. The following combinations are eaten by pregnant women. It might inspire you for tonight’s dinner, who knows
  • Ice cream & salami Preferably the salami as spicy as possible.
  • Chips dipped in chocolate ice cream or milk shake As you can see the combination of sweet and salty is slightly popular.
  • Avocado, chili powder & chocolate ice cream And again the combination savoury and sweet.
  • Uncooked pasta dipped in peanut butter A great snack, try it for yourself
  • A chips & pickles sandwich Can you imagine anything better?
  • Peanut butter & cheese To be honest, it doesn’t sound that great, however, it does provide a lot of nutrients: magnesium, salt, calcium. You sure want to ingest this during your pregnancy!
  • Lemon bites with salt Cut the lemon into pieces, add salt and bite it! A tequila without alcohol. Yum.
  • Fruit & tabasco Pick your fruit and toss on the tabasco. Yup, this seems to happen a lot.
  • Earth Britney Spears said she had an irrepressible need for earth during pregnancy. This must be the weirdest craving, don’t you think? Or does your craving top everything?
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