The first symptoms of pregnancy!

Pregnant? Or not? Before you take a pregnancy test, you may notice if you are pregnant. You may notice this in your body from the first week. The following symptoms indicate an early pregnancy:


You are so tired, so exhausted. You prefer to lie in bed all day. This is not surprising, because a lot is happening in your body and the hormones are running through your body. Because of this, you need more sleep and sometimes you are overwhelmed by your sleep. This is one of the first symptoms and it occurs in the first week of your pregnancy.


You are nauseous. This is also related to your hormonal changes. It could already occur around the expected menstrual period, even a few days earlier. Certainly in the morning hours you could experience nausea but through the day, you could sometimes experience nausea waves. You may be less interested in eating, while eating is sometimes the solution.

Sensitive breasts

You have got terribly sensitive breasts. You partner may no longer touch you, you are in so much pain. This can occur from the second week after fertilization. How is this possible? Hormones! They cause your mammary glands to swell. Your breasts get bigger and they are quite sensitive.


Ouch, headache. It has to do with the production of progesterone. It is often a stabbing or pressing pain on the side of your head.

Pain in your lower abdomen

This is also a common pregnancy disorder that occurs soon after getting pregnant. Your uterus hangs on your pelvis with bands. As soon as your uterus grows, the tires are stretched. This can cause stabbing in your lower abdomen.


You are overflowing with emotions. You cry during movies, you just can’t see your partner sometimes and you get really annoyed by your colleague. These mood swings are due to your hormones again. They can influence your neurotransmitters, which means that you sometimes lose control of your emotions. The mood swings occur from the third week of your pregnancy and unfortunately remain present until the end.

Pee often

You need to pee more than usual. Later in the pregnancy this is because the baby is pushing on your bladder. Not now, because shortly after conception, the swelling of the uterus can get in the way of your bladder. The kidneys also get extra blood, so they produce more urine.

Dislike smell and food

Your taste can change completely during your pregnancy, from the first week. Do you usually like coffee? It is possible that just the idea alone is making you sick. Your partner’s favorite perfume? Somehow you don’t like it anymore. Could you be pregnant?

Binge eating

It looks like your period, but you are not. You suddenly feel the urge to eat certain food. You can start noticing this starting the second week of your pregnancy but try to keep it under control. Because you would like to keep on weight and stay healthy, right?

The absence of your period

Usually your period is regular but now you are already a day late. Yep, reasons enough to get pregnancy test. If you have a less regular cycle, it is difficult to determine whether you are pregnant. In that case, pay attention to the above symptoms. It could just be that you are pregnant! Note: have you had a slight bleeding? Then this could just be an implantation bleed.

Of course, you never know. To be sure of your pregnancy, you should do a pregnancy test. do you recognize the above symptoms? Then quickly run to the pharmacy!

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