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Exercising at home during pregnancy

Staying healthy during your pregnancy is so important! Regular exercise is a key part of it. Fortunately, you can do it from home, with the help of these pregnancy proof home exercises.

That's why you need to (want to) work out!

Being pregnant can be exhausting at times. All the pregancy ailments, raging hormones, your heavy body... That doesn't mean you should be a couchpotato. Think about your and your baby's health! By keeping fit you will suffer less from those ailments, have better sleep and you will gain weight in a healthy way. It will also benefit you during childbirth, as research shows that giving birth takes less time if you are a fitter person (exercising 3 times a week). After childbirth your body will recover more easily and you will have your pre-pregnancy body back sooner. Your baby will also experience benefits: exercise ensures a good blood flow to the placenta, which reduces your baby's risk of chronic diseases. In addition, working out increases the development of your baby's brain. Put on your sportswear yet?

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This is how you exercise at home when you're pregnant

Pregnancy yoga or bootcamp, super fun! But you really don't have to leave the house to work out. And you don't have to do it for hours on end. In fact, it is not recommended to work out for more than one hour. Take it easy, but keep moving. What can help: grab a notepad and write down the exercises you feel comfortable with. You can repeat them each time and cross them off to get/stay in shape for your baby's birth. Exercise 1: Warming up Play your favorite jam and start marching in place. 'March' yourself warm, kick your legs out to the front, right, left and up. Move your arms with it. And remember do some stretching. Move along with the video; a good warm-up during your entire pregnancy! Exercise 2: Lifting the pelvis Good against back pain and for your abs. Lie on your back with your knees bent, your feet and back flat on the floor and your arms next to your body. Press your lower body flat on the floor (or bed) and pull your belly in. Lift your buttocks a bit and squeeze them together. Repeat 10 times.

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Exercise 3: Squats Not easy and fun for everyone, but very good for your legs and pelvic stability, which is very beneficial for giving birth and general health. That`s why it is highly recommended to squat regularly. Are you already far along in your pregnancy or is it too hard? You don't have to squat that deep!

Dont`t do anything that you cannot do or that doesn`t feel right. Listen to your body!

Exercise 4: Wall squats Stand half a meter from the wall with your heels pointing towards the wall. Press your head, shoulders and back against the wall and 'sit' down. Lower your body into a squat position until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Try to hold for ten seconds (or as long as you are okay with it) and then come back up. Make sure your upper body always stays in contact with the wall. Even when you come back up again.

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Exercise 5: Lunges Also not really the nicest exercise to do (hard!), but great for the inner thighs of your legs. Remember that you are pregnant: it's okay to take a smaller step outwards and/or go less deep! Don't do anything that doesn't feel right!

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Exercise 6: Planking You shouldn't exercise your front abs after the first trimester of your pregnancy. Planking however, is okay to do. Just make sure you let somebody check if you're doing it correctly. Also make sure you can keep breathing. Is planking just too difficult, that's normal, especially from the second trimester on. Fortunately, there are other variations such as side planks, incline planks (arms on a platform) and planking on your knees.

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Exercise 7: Upper back stretch This exercise is good for your back and shoulder blades. Especially if they pain you now that you are pregnant. In your kitchen, put your hands on the counter and hold on to the sink. Place your hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Make sure your feet are hip wide or slightly wider and that they point straight forward, with extended (but no overextended) knees. Lean back and feel the stretch. Take 5 to 10 breaths. Remember to breathe slowly though. Rug stretch tijdens thuis sporten in zwangerschap
Exercise 8: Tighten pelvic floor muscles It's time to take it easy now and focus on your pelvic floor muscles. You're gonna want to do this one, because this is how you can prevent an unpleasant ailment: losing urine when you cough, sneeze or laugh. This exercise is quite simple. Imagine, you are peeing, but you stop your pee and hold it in... (do not actually do this while peeing, it can cause urinary tract infections) Then you feel the muscles around your pelvis and buttocks tighten. What are you going to do? It's simple. Squeeze your pelvic floor muscles together and let them come up for you. Keep this up for a few minutes with light tension or make it a shorter, more intense session by tightening your muscles a maximum of ten times.
Exercise 9: Straight Line Making you have to keep your leg and arm up in this exercise. This is good for your back and buttock muscles. Get down on the floor on your hands and knees. Make sure your wrists are directly under your shoulders and your knees are as wide as your hips. Keep your back and pelvis tightened, raise your left arm and right leg. Make sure they are in line with your back and try to keep balance for ten seconds. Then lower your arm and leg and try with your right arm and left leg. If this is too difficult, you can also raise only your leg or arm. You can also do the exercise a little faster like in the video. Just take a nice walk Don't feel like doing these exercises or do you just find it too difficult? It's also totally okay to go for a nice walk, bikeride or run every day (if you feel good, listen to your body!). In any case, make sure you don't stay stuck inside your home without getting any exercise. Doing these exercises a few times a week combined with a walk would be perfect. But remember: 1.5 meters distance!

Work out carefully and pay attention!

· Do you feel exhausted after your workout? Then you train too much/long/hard. Don't! · You shouldn't be out of breath. If you are, practice your diaphragm breathing. · Do you feel pressure on your pelvic floor or in front of your abdomen? The exercise may be too hard for you. Make it less intense and focus on your breathing! · Listen to your body · Water, water, water. Drink it! · Don't exercise on your back if it makes you dizzy. In any case, do not do exercises that require you to lie on your back for a long time from the third trimester onwards. · Work out at seventy percent of your maximum (you have to be able to keep talking) · Eat some carbohydrates before and after exercise · Exercise up to one hour max at a time · Skip a workout (or take it easy) if you don't feel well · Don't work out every day, give your (hardworking) body some rest as well · Don't exercise your front abs · Don't work out if you are losing blood, discuss this with your midwife first
Can't manage on your own? Ask your partner for help and have a good time together. Of course you can also look for online support (e.g. Training for Mamas) or from a personal trainer (during the coronavirus outbreak with online support).
You can also find exercise videos for pregnant women on Youtube. Optima Vita, for example, demonstrates great exercises. You can just join in. Good luck!
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