Thanks to ultrasound, it is possible to see how your baby grows during pregnancy. Whether an ultrasound is harmful? We will tell you!

Everything you need to know about an ultrasound

Ultrasounds, it is impossible to imagine the medical world without them. Because without ultrasound scans, we could not look at our unborn babies. We will tell you all about ultrasounds during pregnancy.

What is ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a technique that uses sound waves. These sound waves make it possible to see images while making an ultrasound. By the way, did you know that the sound of the sound waves is so high that it is inaudible? Even for your baby in the belly. Furthermore, it is not painful or harmful. Thanks to ultrasound scans, your midwife or medical specialist can visualize both the baby and the uterus and tell you more about your child.

We’ve developed the Babywatcher together with an independent team of medical experts, specifically for home use by parents. There are no adjusting settings, and everything is Plug & Play. Easy and risk-free. Prof. dr. Jan Nijhuis, a renowned gynecologist from the Academic hospital of Maastricht (MUMC+), was one of the driving forces behind its development, together with the University of Leuven (KU Leuven) in Belgium.

Medical ultrasound scans during pregnancy

Ultrasound examinations by the midwife or medical specialist usually have a medical purpose, such as checking the health of you and the baby. An ultrasound of your pregnant belly is made for several reasons. For example, to look at the baby's position, determine the due date, or examine whether the baby is healthy. During the scan, the expert will discuss everything there is to discuss about your baby with you.

Pregnancy scan: just for fun!

Can't get enough of looking at your baby? Then it is possible to have a non-medical ultrasound. It's all in the name: this scan is not medically necessary and is just for fun. There is a non-medical ultrasound that your midwife can make, and there is the Babywatcher. With the Babywatcher, you make your own ultrasounds at home. You can see the baby where and when you want, at any time of the day. And of course, with whomever you want. The Babywatcher is designed to give you more moments with your baby and share happiness. The Babywatcher has no measuring functions and cannot be used for medical purposes. There is also a difference in resolution between a hospital ultrasound and the Babywatcher. It is designed to complement a pregnancy, not to replace a medical specialist. So be sure to keep visiting your medical specialist.
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Your ultrasound at home

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