Easter brunch tips

Easter brunch tips

Easter is almost here!

And of course, that means it's time for Easter brunch again. Is it your turn to prepare Easter brunch this year? Maybe you love this job, and you can't wait to get crazy in the kitchen and decorate the table. Maybe you're just reluctant to do it because you don't have any inspiration (anymore). No inspiration, no worries! We got you covered with the most delicious fresh, savory and sweet Easter dishes!

Delicious mouth-watering dishes are of course not the only necessities for your Easter brunch. When we think of Easter, we also think of spring. And spring is all about blossoms, tulips, new life in the animal world, mild weather and enjoying the first rays of sunshine. A bunch of tulips, blossom branches, or Easter branches in an eye-catching vase should do the trick. New life in the animal world can be translated into egg-shaped candles or decorations in the shape of a rabbit. That last element, "the weather," is the one thing you can't control on your own. Unfortunately, it always remains to be seen whether the weather will cooperate in the always-changing weather of the Netherlands. One thing is certain: with the following dishes and decorations, your Easter brunch will be at its best!

Easter brunch tips

Mouth-watering Easter brunch recipes

  1. Carrot salad with pomegranate and feta

Looking for a fresh salad for your Easter brunch? Then prepare this salad of carrot julienne, pistachio, pomegranate and an orange dressing. Bet the guests will ask for the recipe? 

  1. Mini panna cotta with mango

Lovers of sweet and fresh? Then this panna cotta of cottage cheese and mango is a delicious option. Tip: Start preparing on time as the mixture needs to set in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

  1. Mini lemon meringue tarts

Who doesn't love a delicious meringue? Exactly! It also matches nicely with all the yellow on the Easter table. A feast guaranteed.

  1. Bagel vegetable cream cheese with strawberry and mint

Let your guests feast on this delicious vegan cream cheese bagel, with cream cheese, strawberry and mint. Are you already mouth-watering?

  1. Croissant wreath with spinach

This is one for the lovers of savory snacks: a croissant wreath with a mixture of eggs and spinach. Another ideal option if you don't have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen for Easter brunch.

The best decorations for your Easter table

An Easter brunch without beautiful decorations is of course not a real Easter brunch. With these decorations, your Easter table will undoubtedly be at its Easter best!

The best decorations for your Easter table

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1. Vase with tulips €24,99 H&M (tulips available at every florist), 2. Rabbit decoration €1,50 Casa, 3. Egg-shaped candle €4,99 H&M4. Tablecloth €14,99 H&M, 5. Napkins €7,99 H&M, 6. Napkin rings €4,99 H&M, 7. Glass decanter €19,99 H&M8. Drinking glass €3,50 HEMA9. Egg cup 2,75 HEMA, 10. Deco dish 4,95 CASA


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