Diary of a preggo: week 31

Diary of a preggo: week 31

Dear diary,

We start the week in this weekly booklet with a look back at last week. We had a great fun echo that I definitely have to mention - even though it originally doesn't fit in here anymore. In order not to make last time's story any longer, I'll give it the attention it deserves here. Because such a 3D fun ultrasound is really special; you don't want to miss it.

Admittedly, at first we weren't sure if such an ultrasound was for us, maybe it was even a bit nasty and 'alien-like'. During the gender determination ultrasound we had already seen what a 3D ultrasound looks like from your daughter and that convinced us to try that 3D ultrasound at 30 weeks, so that we might already be able to see some characteristic look-a-like traits. to discover. There the three of us - my mother-in-law, husband and I - went to the ultrasound.

Sorry not sorry for this über-sweet diary, but it was magical. You know there's a little bug in your stomach, you can feel it in everything. But seeing a nose, a hand, the hairs (!); that is incomprehensible. You even see outward similarities. The nose came eerily close to my husband's nose and the mouth looked suspiciously like that of my father, her grandfather. The chubby hamster cheeks were also not to be missed; she could have gotten that from both of us :-) At one point she even laughed, at least: a girl can dream and it looked suspiciously like it.

In addition to seeing these gooey images, we were also busy with something less dreamy: 'the exorcism'. And everything that comes before that, of course. During the pregnancy course part 2 we got a more practical lesson with all kinds of tools for during the birth. We had practical exercises about breathing, massage techniques and ways to get an extra shot of the good hormones. We also discussed the possibilities of pain medication and differences between the locations where you can give birth.

When we completed the course, we took the ultimate test: the ice cube test. Both my husband and I had to hold an ice cube in our hand for a minute. She counted down without saying anything more. Hilarious to see how, according to him, my husband almost had his hand 'on fire' and secretly put the ice cube next to him. Fortunately, he doesn't have to give birth.

The second time, she guided you through the minute, encouraging and helping you breathe. Now a minute went by even faster. Despite the fact that the ice cube does not cause severe pain (except with my husband, who had a completely different type of lump ;-)), the principle was very clear. Relaxation during childbirth is very important, the mental part is just as important as the physical part. The course has certainly contributed to this, my husband is now even 'wanting' to give birth.

In addition to the course, we had another important appointment with maternity care. Someone came to our house for an intake to check the baby room as far as it was already finished and to share all the information with us. We were told that we helped with a baby boom in August and this created a 'peak moment'. This can mean that we only get three hours of maternity care a day for the first few days to help with the nutrition and care of the baby and me. Luckily we have lovely family who will help us where needed and this will be fine for us.

We are becoming more and more prepared for childbirth and we live for the moment of meeting our daughter. Sometimes you can be so nervous about that moment that you seem to forget that it will also be the most bizarre and beautiful event in your life. And we can no longer wait for that.


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