Diary of a preggo: week 26

Diary of a preggo: week 26

Dear diary,

I have been looking forward all week to finally being 26 weeks pregnant. A week in which the baby closet would be delivered, a week in which a surprise was waiting for me and another week closer to the birth of our little bundle of joy.

It was also a week without any major medical issues, in which I felt quite fine. Of course, the pelvic pain is not getting any better, but I have noticed that there is a bit of acceptance and that working a maximum of 4 hours a day is much more manageable. It ensures that I don't overload my pelvis as much, can take more rest and experience less pressure. So it's a good solution for me for now. I am slowly starting to count down to my leave at 36 weeks, I can't wait.

In the meantime, the baby's room has also been given a major upgrade, and it could even be used already. Where before everything was stacked on top of each other, the wall was still grainy and the bed was still in pieces, now even the wardrobe has been cleared out. The accessories are still to come, but at least the room is babyproof now.

Because let's be honest, even I am not immune to the nesting urge. When the wallpaper was finally on the wall and the cupboard was delivered, I could not wait any longer to tidy it up and - much too early - make the bed. The sheet was still missing, so during the much talked about code orange storm, I got in the car on my way to the Hema. I had to get the mattress cover right away so I could put it on the bed unwashed and get a feel for the room.
With intense pelvic pain, I went to bed to recover, so that I could sort and run laundry and pick out clothes until half past 11 in the evening. Hello nesting urge.

What I didn't know beforehand this week, was that there was a great surprise waiting for me at the weekend. My husband took me to the van der valk hotel to enjoy and relax just the two of us. The funny thing was that the hotel was only fifteen minutes away and therefore very close to home, but that did not make it less fun at all. I can't sit in the car for long anymore because of the pelvic pain and I need some time to recover, so this was a perfect solution.

We were able to go swimming together, have a nice dinner and enjoy the bubble bath in our room. We stuffed ourselves with a delicious breakfast buffet and then went for a walk in a beautiful park together. A strange new ailment: while walking, we had to stop every 20 metres or so because of hard bellies that kept coming up. For me, this is another sign that we are really slowly entering the last trimester.

The surprise was announced in advance, so I was under the illusion that my baby shower would be on that Saturday. So when we actually went to the hotel, I was momentarily flabbergasted. But not long after that, my inner Sherlock Holmes started spinning again and I came to the following conclusion: the baby shower had to be on Sunday, the start of week 27...


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