Diary of a preggo: week 23

Diary of a preggo: week 23

Dear Diary,

Whereas last week I was motivated to start swimming, this week I was kept busy by hard bellies and resting in bed. The week actually started out fine, but the pace quickly picked up. I had an important workout I had to do for work (read: nerves) and some last minute work when I was actually too tired (read: a combination of crying and working). On Wednesday, I would have a day off, long live the king #royalday2022.

This free day started off quietly with some last things for work and followed with resting in the garden with an iced coffee. In the afternoon we went to the fair to stroll along the stalls with the family. During the walk it went rather well, but when we finally sat at a table I noticed it already: it had actually been too much. Tired, I went home to sleep in bed for 2.5 hours straight.

In the night it started, a series of hard bellies in a row. With an uncertain feeling I lay in bed tossing and turning until I finally fell asleep. In the morning I called the midwife just to be sure, she advised me to take it easy, it was a signal from my body that it had been too much.

And there I was, exhausted, recovering from too much work and a too enthusiastic walk at the fair. I am not a star in doing nothing and after three Netflix episodes I think it was enough, so I picked up a hobby again; crocheting. Currently I am looking for a baby blanket that I will make for my mini, because how nice is it when your mother made something for you when you were a baby.

Besides my exciting resting stories, I have one more fun update to report in this weekly diary. The wallpaper for the nursery and the matching baby nest came in from deugnietenco.nl. And a good thing too, because my nesting urge to get the baby room in order is itching and I want to start slowly. Next week the next steps will be taken and we will look for a nice vintage closet, can't wait.

For now; all the best from bed and see you next week!


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