Diary of a preggo: week 16

Diary of a preggo: week 16

Dear diary, 

This week was exciting, the preparations for our gender reveal party. It starts, of course, with the sex determination ultrasound. And it is pretty exciting now that the moment is slowly approaching.

We don't want to know the gender until the reveal on Sunday. That means we will have to wait for 6 days, but we intentionally do not want to look in the envelope. For me, that is still doable, but it is definitely not the case for my husband. He secretly wants to see the gender and then pretend it is a surprise at the party. Apart from the gender, it will be exciting to see if he can resist peeking into the envelope. Because he is still the biggest kid sometimes. ;-)

During such a sex determination and gender reveal party, there is a particularly sensitive issue; having a preference. If you ask someone, the answer most of the time is 'the gender does not matter, as long as the baby is healthy.' If someone indicates a preference, it seems almost pathetic and dismissive towards the other sex, and you almost feel the condemnation. So I was already very nervous about not having a personal preference or, even worse, being disappointed in the baby's gender.

Beforehand, I always saw myself as a 'girls-mom' and my husband as a 'girls-dad.' I have four sisters and am a girly girl myself; the world of (little ;-)) boys is still completely strange to me. I always imagined all the cute little outfits, dresses, and tutus with lots of tulles, and the hair bands were just barely bought.

Then I got pregnant, and the feeling arose that I would have a boy. Of course, it is a bit of a switch, and I would find it very exciting if I became a 'boys-mom,' because first of all: 'how do you clean such a boy properly'? And what if, against his genes, he suddenly turns out to be very sporty and I have to stand on a field every Saturday morning without any knowledge of football? (Of course, I know that a girl can play football just as well, but the distribution of boys and girls on a field is still just a bit more boys, and I like to blow up 'problems' ;-))

Exciting, yes, it is exciting to have a boy. But I can also think of some exciting things with girls, it is just a great responsibility to raise such a sweet child, and you want to do it as well as possible. Yet this pregnancy, I have come to realise more and more that I have no preference. My child will develop into a person with their own preferences, character traits, and dreams. And whether it will be a boy or girl, I don't really care.

I can't wait to know the baby's gender on Sunday and celebrate it with my family. I'll keep you posted ;-)


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