Diary of a preggo: week 13

Diary of a preggo: week 13

Dear diary,

This might be my favourite week of pregnancy so far. We had the 13-week ultrasound, and it was truly magical. The 13-week ultrasound is a medical ultrasound in The Netherlands, you can choose to have if you want to know more about your baby's health. At the moment, this ultrasound is in a scientific phase, and you automatically participate in a national study.

Of course, this ultrasound also brings tensions with it. A child's health cannot be taken for granted, and you have no idea what the results of this medical ultrasound will be. Besides, they may not see things clearly or provide complete clarity on something. Nevertheless, we immediately knew that we wanted to have this ultrasound, and we had made the personal choice for ourselves that we would always want the baby to be born. This is very different for everyone, but this choice gave us much peace of mind before the ultrasound.

Fortunately, the ultrasound showed that the baby is healthy (as far as they can see now) and is developing precisely according to the number of days the baby is old. While the ultrasound technician was measuring and listening to the heartbeat, I secretly shed tears. After all, it's so special and beautiful to see a 1.3cm embryo on the ultrasound at week 6 and now even be able to admire its tiny fingers. In such a short time, you can see your baby slowly become a human being, and that is truly incomprehensible. 

Something else I found impressive is the pride you can suddenly feel all over yourself. Of course, a baby does not know how to lie for the ultrasound, but when everything goes well, and you can see it clearly, I caught myself feeling very proud inside. After all, this beautiful little baby on the ultrasound is your child, and that is a magical moment of realisation.

Diary of a preggo: week 13

We walked out together in love and glowing. This ultrasound was planned for Valentine's Day, and we could not have had a better so-called date together. Traditionally, we phoned our parents to tell them what we had just seen and how wonderful the baby was doing.

The fact that it takes an average of 40 weeks before you can hold your baby in your arms is, on the one hand, a very long time, but on the other hand, also an extraordinary time. You grow closer and closer to your child, and with every ultrasound, you get more and more in love and ready to become a mother. At least, this is what I notice myself. How do you experience this? Let me know in the comments! See you next week <3


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