Diaper Bags 2.0

Diaper Bags 2.0

If there is one thing we love to do...

it is shop for a new bag - and that includes a beautiful diaper bag. However, it's not that easy to find the perfect bag. They have to meet a lot of requirements. It has to be practical, hold enough without having everything flying through your bag, and be fashionable with every outfit. Yes, even your mini's fashion look. 

There are many choices for diaper bags, but that doesn't mean you can't find your ideal bag. That's why we'd like to help you on your way with these diaper bags 2.0. And yes, they tick all the boxes above.

We love Studio Noos. Trend-setting bags with delicious panther prints or fluffy teddies that are practical and fashionable. You can also have them personalised with your mini's name and complete the item with a changing mat.

Diaper Bags 2.0 - Studio Noos

1. Teddy mom bag, €54,95 Studio Noos2. Silver Puffy mom bag, €59,95 Studio Noos3. Teddy leopard mom bag, €54,95 Studio Noos 

The bag that is not officially a diaper bag that everyone is walking around with now is Kapten & Son. They have some beautiful versions ideal for using as a diaper bag.

Diaper Bags 2.0 - Kapten & Son

4. Bergen, €89,90 Kapten & Son 

These bags have a hefty price tag, maybe a tad too much ;-) But we can always dream, so we do. Pin them to your vision board, look for vintage ones, or just take a peek.

Diaper Bags 2.0 - Designer

5. Vintage Check luiertas met verschoningsmatje, €1050,- Burberry6. GG Supreme luiertas, €980,- Gucci7. Balmain Kids changing bag, €633,- Balmain 

Would you instead go for a budget-friendly version that is also very handy? For less than 40 euros, you can get a teddy bag with changing mat and bottle warmer from Jollein.

Diaper Bags 2.0 - Jollein

8. Diaper bag Teddy grey, €37,95 Jollein9. Diaper bag Teddy white, €37,95 Jollein 

Which diaper bag do you have in mind? Let us know, so we can complete our list! <3


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