Can my partner come to a scan

Can my partner come to a scan with me?

Do you also look forward to your pregnancy check-ups? To check up on the baby. And that feeling of love during an ultrasound. Magical! It's even more special if your partner can come along and is also totally charmed, right?

Is it allowed?

Being pregnant during this crisis is not easy. Unfortunately, your partner is also temporarily prevented from attending specific pregnancy check-ups and ultrasounds. So it's not surprising that you may still have questions at this point. Whether or not your partner is allowed to come along to the check-up or scan varies per midwife practice, hospital, and type of appointment. There are even differences per city, region, and country. If your partner is still not allowed to be present, you can solve this by video calling. Not ideal, but then your partner can at least watch the baby! To be sure, ask your midwife or medical specialist what is and what is not allowed.

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Pregnancy scan: peeking at the little one

Some scans are not medically necessary. But just to see the baby one more time, or several times, whatever you like. Say for yourself; there is nothing nicer than to see the heart beating. And to have a look at the baby in your belly together with your partner! Those scans are for your pleasure, just like the Babywatcher. With the Babywatcher, you can make your own ultrasounds. Yes, you! You rent an ultrasound machine online for several days. Then, with the help of the instructions and tips provided, you can make your ultrasounds at home. You can see the baby wherever and whenever you want, at any time of the day. And with whomever you want, of course. Invite grandpa, grandma, friends, and family to admire the baby. Everyone happy!

See your baby whenever and wherever you want.

Follow the development of your baby, bond, and don’t miss a thing.

Share a special moment and create everlasting memories with loved ones.


Your ultrasound at home

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