Borstvoeding geven: do or don't

Breastfeeding, yes or no?

Breastfeeding, yes or no?

Breastfeeding: usually not something mommy’s to-be look forward to. Since you’re pregnant, you’ve heard all kinds of stories about breastfeeding, so now you know it’s not always an easy task. But it seems to be a lot healthier for the baby, so you do it anyway. Or don’t you?

Breast infections, nipples that apparently are too small, large painful milk blisters. To be honest, you didn’t know breastfeeding could be this tough, but you’re hearing more and more stories about it since people know you’re pregnant. You were determined to breastfeed, but now you have strong doubts. Some people say it’s a must, because it’s much healthier for your child. Others describe it as ‘beastly’, especially those who have experienced it themselves. But don’t worry, you still have time cause you don’t have to decide until after giving birth. “I often feel like dairy cow. My breast is always the solution when he cries or doesn’t want to go to sleep. Vik, like almost all babies, only becomes quiet when I feed him, mommy Romina says. Eva Jinec recently gave birth to her new baby: Pax. She’s so happy, but certainly not all the time. “A toothless baby mouth is the softest and cutest thing on earth, until you have a milk blister. You then become afraid of such a mouth. Pax wants to eat every 2,5 hours, 24 hours a day. And the few months it took him about 40 minutes each time.”

“I feel like a dairy cow. My breast is always the solution and the only thing that will calm my baby”

A matter of practise

Anyone who thinks, it will be a piece of cake for me, is probably wrong. The right biting technique of the baby is crucial and learning it will take about four till six weeks. As everything in life, it´s a matter of practice. But practicing doesn´t mean torture. So if you think, this should stop now, then stop it! Ask a midwife or lactation expert for help, she will help you prepare you and your child for healthy breastfeeding. Don’t listen to others and all the horror stories about the feeding, cause there are also so many positive stories. Mothers who don’t suffer, where it strengthens the bond and even mommies who look forward to the feeding every day. Believe in and listen to your own body. You’ve got this! And are you in too much pain while breastfeeding? Also without breastmilk your child will be very healthy.

What do you think? Breastfeeding, yes or no?

Fun facts about breastfeeding

  1. Breast milk can have a healing effect. Do your breasts hurt while feeding? Rub your own milk on the sore spots. This can provide relief.
  2. Hormones released during feeding will help your body recover faster after pregnancy. In no time you will be back to normal.
  3. Your baby can taste what you eat through the milk. This way he will pick up flavours faster and will be able to eat solid food sooner.
  4. 75% of the women feed with their right breast, which means that this breast produces more milk than the left one.
  5. Through skin to skin contact during the first hours after birth, you can make it easier for your baby to breastfeed.
  6. Breastfeeding can burn as many calories as a 10 km walk.
  7. How big your breasts are has nothing to do with how much milk you produce. Cup size A can produce more than a cup size D.
  8. Your baby loves the smell of your unique breast milk. That’s why your baby won’t drink the milk of another mother.

Create your own unforgettable moments. Share your happiness or make it intimate but whatever you do, indulge because sometimes pregnancy is all about you


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