Beauty treatments during pregnancy: which ones are safe?

Beauty treatments during pregnancy: which ones are safe?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful in the country? Yes, even during your pregnancy this still applies. Because when you became pregnant, you made one solemn promise to yourself: I'm not going to compromise on beauty while this little one is growing inside me. And you're right. Because although that little one inside you is obviously very important, you should not completely forget yourself. Let your pregnancy be an excuse to pay even more attention to beauty. "My body works so hard already, and this is my way of giving something back to my body. Yes, girl, we can only encourage that!

As with many things during pregnancy, when it comes to beauty treatments you do have to consider that inhabitant of your womb. Therefore, you may be asking yourself, is it still safe to dye your hair during pregnancy? And what about a visit to the spa? Of course, we understand your doubts, but no need to spend hours scouring Google this time. We have gone ahead of you and answered these questions for you. Take a seat on the couch, put your feet up and scroll through this blog to see for yourself which beauty treatments are safe, and which ones you'd rather put on a postponement list that you can conjure up again after your pregnancy. And after reading this blog: schedule those (safe) beauty treatments!

Pregnant and dyeing hair

Don't worry, you won't have to walk around with gray hair or a huge outgrowth during your pregnancy. Hallelujah, because that horror thought has already kept you awake for a night. Don't let stories on the internet tell you that you are inhaling huge amounts of dyes while dyeing scares you. The rosy reality is that the amount of dyes that actually get into your bloodstream is minimal. As a result, the risk of harm to the baby and you is small. Thank those who set the guidelines around hair dye in Europe, because they made sure that hair dye should be safe for every user. So also for pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers!

A golden tip is to dye your hair as naturally as possible to spare your sensitive scalp. This should not be a difficult task as ammonia only occurs in small quantities in most hair dyes (or not at all). Is a fresh blonde cut still on the beauty agenda? Then it might be wise to postpone it. This is because of the hydrogen peroxide contained in products used for blonding. But hey, a dark haircut is beautiful too, especially given the approaching autumn and winter months.

Pregnant and sauna

This one falls into the gray area, as the question of whether it's safe to visit the sauna during pregnancy can't be answered with a simple yes or no, unfortunately. Sigh. If you were not in the habit of going to the sauna regularly before your pregnancy, it is in any case not advisable to do so during your pregnancy. Simply because your body is not used to it, and pregnancy is not the period to try out all kinds of new hobbies, as boring as that may sound.

In addition, the increase in your body temperature can entail risks for the baby, especially in the first trimester. A higher body temperature then increases the risk of abnormalities in the nervous system or the brain or heart, as does the risk of miscarriage. Although these risks decrease as the pregnancy progresses, avoiding the sauna completely during pregnancy is a good idea to avoid putting your baby at unnecessary risk.

Pregnant and a jacuzzi

Perhaps spending some time in a jacuzzi or hot tub is the ultimate way for you to relax. However, it is better not to do so from 32 weeks of pregnancy onwards because of the risk of bacteria in the water. These can easily develop in the water because of their temperature, which remains the same for a long time. And bacteria love that. Add to this the fact that from 32 weeks of pregnancy you can already have some dilation, as the cervix already wants to prepare itself for delivery. When you start enjoying yourself in a Jacuzzi from this point on in your pregnancy, it is fairly easy for bacteria to enter your body. Just be patient and put this kind of relaxation on your to-do list for a few months from now!

Pregnant and painting your nails

Yaay, your nails will continue to look fab during pregnancy, as nail polish can be used safely. Whew, that's a relief, especially after those tens of dollars you spent on those pots of Essie nail polish. The same applies to nail polish as hair dye: the chemicals that might enter your bloodstream are minimal, so the risk of harm to the baby and you is very small. Nail polish used to contain some chemicals that could be harmful after long-term use, but these have now been banned within Europe. To make sure you paint your nails with safe nail polish, check the packaging to make sure it does not contain the following substances: formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin, toluene, and camphor. Is it time for a new coat of polish and does the current nail polish need to be removed? Then use a nail polish remover without acetone.

Pregnant and laser treatment

We have to disappoint you because laser treatment - for example, hair removal - during pregnancy is not safe. The reason that a laser treatment during pregnancy is not safe has to do with a changing hormone balance and a more sensitive skin, which may react differently and possibly more negatively to the laser. Irritated, red skin and wounds can be the result. And that sounds anything but good. This means that you'll have to keep on using that razor and free your legs from those stubborn and numerous hairs.

Pregnant and fillers

Just that little extra volume for your lips, or filling in fine lines in your face with a filler? You'll have to say goodbye to that during pregnancy. In the Netherlands, it is prohibited for cosmetic doctors to carry out a filler treatment on a pregnant woman. An important reason for this is that to date there has been insufficient scientific research into fillers for pregnant women. And of course, we prefer to err on the side of caution during pregnancy. Sometimes an allergic reaction can also be the result of a filler. There are good medications that can be used in case of an allergic reaction, but this is not always completely safe for the baby. Then again, just temporarily apply a lip plumping lip gloss for the lips and a good cream that fills in the fine lines on the face. And remember, you are beautiful just the way you are!

Pregnant and facial

Fancy a lovely facial? Do it! Because a facial during pregnancy is not harmful to the baby (provided safe products are used), and indeed, it can only be encouraged. Some pregnant ladies are blessed with a real pregnancy glow, while others are unfortunately stuck with acne or dry skin. Pamper your skin with a nourishing and cleansing facial. Always mention that you are pregnant in advance so that the use of skincare products can be taken into account and you can enjoy a carefree moment for yourself. Did you know that some salons even offer a special facial for pregnant women? These treatments are all about improving the skin condition during pregnancy. Maybe this will be the monthly me-time moment for you ;)


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