De Babywatcher op de babyshower

Babywatching during the babyshower

She’s our first friend in a relationship. The first friend to get engaged, the first one married. Recently we heard the big news: there’s a little one on the way! We’re so excited, even though we’re still in a different phase of our life. Going out, getting wasted, hooking up with strangers. You know how it goes.

Organising a babyshower

The babyshower flew in from America and is upcoming in the UK and Europe. This we know. So a babyshower is what we’ll have! Directly after receiving the great baby news, we stick our heads together and start an app-group. We know absolutely nothing about babies and babyshowers. This we do know: another reason to partaay, but wait. Are we allowed to drink at this one? I mean, we’re celebrating a baby. This is only one of the millions of questions we have. How do you organise a babyshower? Time for some research! And organising. Of course, her husband is part of the plot. Couldn’t do this without him. She thinks she has a relaxing day at home with her love. He went to pick up something at his parents and will be right back. At least, that’s what she thinks. But then the doorbell rings. Wait, what? All of her friends in front of the door, wearing pink shirts. Guess she’ll have to trade that nice and quiet day she had planned for a busy day with her favourite girls. Thank god for us and all the delicious goodies we’ve brought. In no time the table is filled with lovely cupcakes, sandwiches, pie and mocktails. All handmade, and detailed in pink, because of the little girl soon coming up. Next to us is a gigantic gift table, where we’re a little jealous of ourselves. After enjoying the delicious food and drinks, the real program will start. Game time! But first: babywatching!


The new verb we’ve come up with. During our research period, we found out about the Babywatcher. The first ultrasound, 100% for safe and fun, you can do anywhere and anytime. At home, at your family or of course during the babyshower. Isn’t that just perfect? We unpack the yellow suitcase and connect everything in no time. The use of the Babywatcher is simple. Everything you need for the ultrasounds is already in the suitcase. A programmed laptop, the machine, the scanning gel. Honestly, the babyshower is complete because of it. With 13 friends, watching the little girl altogether. It’s as if the baby knows we’re watching, cause after only a minute admiring her little heart beating, her legs, face, and guessing which part of her body is where, she clearly stretches her arms. She turns her face towards us and sticks her little thumb in her mouth. Our conclusion: she is as lazy as her mother and just woke up from a deep long sleep. So cute to see! Our hearts melt. Yes, the Babywatcher most certainly is a special extra this day.

“The baby just woke up from a deep long sleep, so cute to see! Yes, the Babywatcher most certainly is a special extra during this babyshower” We save all pictures and videos of the little one, made by the Babywatcher. We throw some on Instagram and Facebook and start a quiz about upbringing, babies and us as babies. Guessing baby photos, telling stories about our youth and guessing who the story is about, guessing scents in diapers. So much fun! Next is the decorating of baby clothes. We give it a good try, but laugh at each other because of our ugly designs. The talent is missing, that's for sure! After unpacking the presents, predicting the name of the baby, the date of birth, the first words and the future of the little one, it's time to give mommy the rest she was longing for today. We clean up the mess, get rid of the balloons and all decorations. It's as if we were never here. Luckily, she has the amazing Babywatcher images of her little one during her babyshower, so she’ll always remember this special day. All in sign of her little girl.

Create your own unforgettable moments. Share your happiness or make it intimate but whatever you do, indulge because sometimes pregnancy is all about you.


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