Baby making sex: tips for creating a love baby

For some couples it is a hit after a passionate sexual intercourse. Others have sex with a mission for years. Sometimes, the obligated form of sex can break up and lose the passion. We will give you some tips for baby making sex.

Do it often

Sex is fun. That’s for sure. It needs to remain that way. Making love every day is certainly not necessary to beget a child. In fact, we would advise you to make love regularly, about two, three of four times a week. Having sex regularly causes changes in the immune system, which increases fertility. Men’s quality of sperm decreases when there is no ejaculation for tendays. Ejaculating to many times, unfortunately comes at the expense of the sperm too. As a woman take your most fertile days around ovulation into account.

Enjoy sex as much as possible! Build up the tension, take time for each other and feel the love.

Doggy style, spooning?

Are they fables or facts? Is it true that you have the greatest chance of becoming pregnant by doing it missionary? Or is the best way doggy style or by spooning? Honestly, we don’t dare to say this with certainty. But it seems quite right to us that doggy style, the good old missionary position and spooning have the greatest chance of success. Gravityplays a role in conception. The closer the penis is to the womb at the time of ejaculation, the greater the chances of getting pregnant are. Especially in a downward position this is very ideal. In any case, this is a goodreason not to sit on top for a moment and let your partner do the work.

Enjoy together, come together

At first you would think that it’s essential for the man only to get an orgasm and fertilize the egg. However, in the most ideal situation, you get an orgasm together. Not just because this of course is really nice, also because your uterus will constrict itself. This makes it easier for sperm cells to swim in the right direction. Also, excitement increases the chance of pregnancy and the quality of the sperm gets better because you become moister, which provides a better environment for the sperm.

Stay a little while

Are you always going to the toilet straight away after having sex? Of course, you don’t want to catch a cystitis. But if you want to get pregnant, it’s better to risk the cystitis and just stay in bed with your partner. Certain sex positions (missionary, spooning) make it possible to stay in bed with your partner for a while. Lie with your partner a little longer than normal. Afterwards, enjoy a good ten minutes of relaxing in bed, lying on your back. You can also place a pillow under your buttocks and tilt your pelvis. In this way you help the sperm in the right direction. Our greatest advice is to enjoy sex as much as possible. Build up the tension, take time for each other, keep challenging each other and feel the love. After all, you want to make a love baby. Don't you? Do you suffer from nausea? Maybe you are pregnant? These are the first symptoms of a pregnancy!


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