A hilarious Instagram account to follow on International Barbie Day!

A hilarious Instagram account to follow on International Barbie Day!

This hilarious Instagram you must, no, really want to follow.

Spoiler alert: it has to do with Barbie, but with an amazing side of her that you have never seen before. A side that we secretly like much more and in which we recognize ourselves much more!

This shout out is not entirely out of the blue, as it is International Barbie Day. Yes, there is a birthday, hooray, hooray! Today, Barbie can blow out no less than 63 candles. Yes, Barbie has really been with us for so many years. She was created at the American International Toy Fair in New York on March 9, 1959. A large part of us probably grew up with this blonde (with several copies perhaps), because as a little girl we loved playing with her all too much. That good friend she was. Playing dress-up together, not to mention flirting with Ken.

In the meantime Barbie has become so popular that her diversity has also increased. Barbie comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. And of course we can only encourage that. One thing has remained the same, however: Barbie looks good time and time again. Looking good has always been a priority for her, and this may have inspired you, as a little girl, to make it one too.

If you were (or are, of course) a real Barbie lover, I'll probably make you very happy by telling you that Barbie has an Insta account (@trophywifebarbie). I have to warn you though, because you will get to know a different version of Barbie on this account, despite what the Insta name suggests. Don't expect perfect pictures, but rather content that is 100% honest, and relatable. Okay, maybe there is a little exaggeration at times, but we can appreciate that. The goal of this brilliant account is to show what real women are like and break a lot of taboos around women. Below we have listed eight hilarious posts to honor Barbie on her birthday. But of course, feel free to follow Barbie so as not to miss any of her posts!

Saggy Boobs

Do we need to say more? ;-)


That Time of the Month

Time to break the taboo. Because we all get it: periods! And we all know the struggle of sneezing during menstruation. Something we certainly don't miss during our pregnancy!

The Perfect Girlfriend

The perfect wife, the perfect girlfriend? What is that? Emotional baggage, on the other hand, we know.

Easter Eggs

Maybe you've been secretly snacking on Easter eggs, maybe you haven't yet. But in any case, you now know how Easter eggs are made. 

Body Goals

Yes, we can only encourage this too. Let's normalize all bodies!

Love for jumpsuits

They are so irritating, yet we love them so much. Then, of course, I'm talking about jumpsuits.


When people tell you to go through life smiling, but you've barely slept for nights because of your baby. 

Ready for Summer 

Are you also so done with winter, just like Barbie? Because let's face it, what does winter do for our tan? Not a thing. Watch out for a pregnancy mask of course! 


Now that winter is almost here, you probably have a real winter coat saved up. Time to say goodbye to this again. Good luck with a baby belly ;-)

Bra's make the difference.

A case of during and after pregnancy.


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