8x facts and myths about pregnancy!

8x facts and myths about pregnancy!


A time of many changes. In your body, in your environment, and also in your lifestyle. It is also a time when you are confronted with a lot of information. Asked and unasked for. Your neighbour comes up with an odd piece of information. Your colleague who tries to make you believe that one absurd story. The result is that you no longer know what to think at some point. And you probably start Googling to find out if these facts and stories are actually true. But surprise: Google doesn't know everything either. And Google will also produce a lot of incorrect information. Result: after that Google search, you still don't know if you should believe that scary story. Thank you very much. As if you could use any more uncertainty during your pregnancy.

Whether you're looking for information on your own or these facts are flying at you uninvited, it's essential to know which bits of information are just myths and which are actual facts. I have listed 8 popular facts and myths about pregnancy to get you started!

  1. Myth: The shape of your belly tells you the sex of your baby.

This is undoubtedly a well-known fact. But let me clear up this myth right away. It is often said that a pointy belly indicates that you are having a boy. So, if your pregnant belly is not visible from the back, you are pregnant with a boy. If you have a very round belly, you should be having a girl. Exactly, should. Unfortunately, this is not based on anything. The same applies to the position of the belly. A low belly would indicate a boy, while a high bump would indicate a girl. To find out the gender of your little one, I would still advise you to opt for a more specific method. Like letting the ultrasound technician do what she does best. Of course, it's only natural that people around you (and you) will be curious about the gender of your child (after all, should they buy you that cute little bodysuit in pink or blue?) But unfortunately, these kinds of myths do not help. (Mama en Zo)

  1. Myth: You will undoubtedly have to eat for two during your pregnancy.

I can also debunk this myth immediately. Pregnancy is not about eating for two in quantity; it is about eating healthy for two. So replace as many unhealthy meals as possible with healthier alternatives. I understand that you were hoping for this because, hello, more snacking! This would have been an excellent excuse to satisfy those crazy cravings during your pregnancy. But don't worry, there are plenty of healthy and delicious snacks. (ZwangerschapsWiki)

  1. Fact: Cats can be a danger to you during pregnancy.

As much as I would like this to be a myth, I can only tell you that it is a fact. Your beloved cat, whom you cuddle all day long because of all the pregnancy hormones, can be a danger to you during pregnancy. Or at least indirectly. Cat faeces, especially kitten faeces, can contain the parasite Toxoplasma Gondii. Although this does not usually make your kitty sick, toxoplasmosis can have severe consequences for you and your pregnancy. If you become infected with it, it could lead to a miscarriage. I should add right away that cat faeces is not the only way you can become infected with toxoplasmosis. Eating raw meat, meat that is not cooked well enough, and soil contact can also cause toxoplasmosis. So watch out! My advice is to get someone else, like your hubby, to clean the litter box and temporarily put gardening on hold. (Gezond zwanger worden)

  1. Myth: Wearing a seatbelt during pregnancy is harmful to the baby in your belly.

Myth, myth, myth. The opposite is true: not wearing a seat belt increases the risk of injury to you and your unborn baby in the event of an accident! Studies have shown that not wearing a seat belt increases the risk of death of your unborn baby by up to five times. And of course, we don't want that because it is an absolute nightmare. I can understand why mommies-to-be are worried about wearing a seatbelt. Therefore, it pinches the bump and seems dangerous for the little one. That is why it is essential to wear the seatbelt correctly. The lap belt is worn over the hips, and the chest belt is worn over the shoulder and along the stomach. This means that you absolutely must not let the seat belt run over your belly. Understandably, the seat belt becomes more and more uncomfortable as your belly grows, but do not forget: safety first, for you and the baby! (Baby op Komst)

  1. Fact: Inflammation of the gums can lead to miscarriages or premature births.

We all know that there are many things you need to bear in mind during pregnancy to keep the little one in your womb as safe as possible. Do not drink alcohol, avoid certain types of fish, be careful with raw meat. Even if you miss having a glass of wine or eating your favourite sushi, you take it all for granted for the sake of your little one. This includes taking good care of your gums to prevent gum inflammation. The bacteria found on the gums during a gum infection can end up in the placenta via the bloodstream. This can lead to miscarriage, premature birth, or low birth weight. So take the time for your oral care! (UMCG)

  1. Fact: A lot of heartburn during pregnancy means that you will have a baby with a lot of hair.

Incredible as it may sound, it is true. And even scientifically proven. Researchers have found a link between the degree to which mommies-to-be suffer from heartburn during pregnancy and the amount of hair their baby has. But what causes this? Hormones. They cause much more well-known issues (like arguments with your partner, inexplicable guilty pleasures, etc.) Researchers explain that certain pregnancy hormones cause more hair follicles to grow on the baby's head. These hormones are also responsible for the flap between the stomach and the oesophagus closing less tightly. And yes, this has the effect of allowing stomach acid to rise more quickly. We probably all want a baby with a lot of hair. I think this one falls into the category of "he who wants to be beautiful has to suffer". Only in this case: If you want to have a beautiful baby, you have to endure the discomfort of heartburn. (AD)

  1. Myth: If you lose your mucus plug, you will give birth within 24 hours.

I think it is reassuring for many that this is a myth. Loss of blood and mucus can indicate that labour is imminent, but this is not always the case. Some women even lose their mucus plug a week before delivery. So relax and continue binge-watching your favourite series! Please note: although losing a mucus plug is entirely harmless, large amounts of blood loss are dangerous. So be sure to raise the alarm as soon as possible. (Wel en Wee verloskundigen)

  1. Fact: Stretch marks cannot be prevented.

I am very sorry to confirm that this last piece of knowledge is a fact. It is not surprising that stretch marks cannot be prevented because your belly grows enormously in a relatively short period. This causes your skin to stretch, which causes stretch marks in many cases. Smokers, women under 30, and women with darker skin tones seem more prone to stretch marks. I would love to tell you that there are lotions that can reduce stretch marks. But nothing could be further from the truth. So leave the money for creams in your bank account. The only thing that can reduce stretch marks is time. Yes, you read that correctly. Like other scars, time will make them less visible. Instead, try to give them a positive spin. Stretch marks are a reminder that you were so powerful to bring a little person into the world. And you deserve a prize for that alone. (Dr Leenarts)



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