insecurities pregnant woman

6 insecurities of a pregnant woman

Do you worry so much? It is perfectly normal to feel insecure during your pregnancy. It is no small thing that you are about to experience. Above all, know that you are not alone!

That there is something wrong

You are still in the early stages of pregnancy and cannot feel your baby move yet. The risk of miscarriage is greatest in the first few weeks. After seeing the beating heart during the ultrasound, you are reassured for a while. Remember: the chance that everything goes well is so much greater than the chance that something goes wrong!

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Eating something 'dangerous'

So many food do's and don'ts. Did you eat something wrong? Then make sure it doesn't happen again.

I will be a bad mom

Soon you will have to change your first nappies, feed a baby, raise a child. Can you do it? You have your doubts. But of course, you can!

Giving birth

Few women do not worry about giving birth. Well, what can we say? It is part and parcel of life. Keep thinking about the moment that is approaching: not long before you will hold your little one in your arms. That is what you are doing it for!

The extra kilos

Try to limit the extra kilos during your pregnancy, so don't eat for two, but think about your health. And... a few extra kilos is not such a bad thing either, right?


How will your boss react when you tell him that you are pregnant? Besides, you are so tired, nauseous, and easily distracted. Just tell them! It will be fine.
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