Diary of a preggo: week 25

Diary of a preggo: week 25

Dear Diary,

Every week I find myself living towards Sunday, the moment that a new pregnancy week starts. In this week 25 I have noticed that I am looking forward to the moment that I will be 26 weeks pregnant, because then I will slowly be entering the last trimester and I will really be closer to 30 weeks than to 20.

Besides looking forward to the next week, I am slowly getting a nesting urge. Okay, it is not an urge to start cleaning, tidying or reorganising my house; I think that is just not in me. But there is an urge to finish the baby's room and to daydream in the room we made especially for her.

So last week we bought a vintage baby cupboard that matches the style of the chest of drawers and the soft pink colour of the wallpaper perfectly. It will be delivered and set up in week 26, another reason to look forward to this week.

Before the dresser is delivered, I felt the extreme urge (maybe nesting urge after all?) to have the room wallpapered as soon as possible. As I have zero talent or experience in this, my mother is coming to do it for us.

Because our house has only just become ours, we didn't know how bad the state of the walls behind the current white wallpaper was. My husband & I started scratching together in the evening. We had been given all kinds of advice: 'get the wall wet with soapy water, let it soak in for a while and you can take the strips off'. Surprise, surprise: the wallpaper was so hard because it had been painted, that the soapy water hardly if at all penetrated it, and behind this layer hung another layer of wallpaper as a surprise. As my pelvis did not cooperate at all, my husband could literally hoist me up after an hour and he continued later with his mother. The day was rounded off with two hours of plastering with someone who was kind enough to help & my nesting urge slowly got a better feeling. Now all that remains is the wallpaper next week and then we can start choosing the paint. When it is finally finished, I will share images.

Then there are the medical perils of week 25, because yes: there were those too this week. After a nice Mother's Day barbecue, I was attacked in the night with a severe stomach ache. After half an hour of this intense pain not disappearing, my husband called the midwife who fortunately came straight away to check that labour had not already started - far too early.

Let's talk about how they check if your cervix is still closed. Because how far can a midwife go? That it all starts to widen during labour, I could imagine. But the fact that she almost reaches your nose when you are not giving birth; that really surprised me. Don't worry, it's not really painful or anything - it's just very special.

After finding out that labour had not started yet, the midwife told me to report to the GP's surgery to check what was going on. Long story short: after the charming vomiting at the GP's office, they could determine that the baby was pressing on my organs and I probably had no room for all the food. I was allowed to go home again by car, where I started vomiting again. How fun it is to be pregnant ;-)

Because I was not in bed sick again until half past three, I did not go for my sugar test in the morning and postponed it until Wednesday. Fortunately, it was not too bad this time. They took my blood three times, which ended up being more on the low side than the high side.

Since I have a memory like a goldfish at the moment, I forgot to go to the 22-prick appointment and will have to get it at another time. For now, I am looking forward to positive week 26 :-D


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