Halloween Squelette

18 cute Halloween costumes for kids

The best Halloween costumes for your kids

The creepiest holiday of the year is coming up. What is your kid's trick and treat outfit for this year? Still in need of some inspiration? Check out these cool Halloween costumes!

Scary make-up

© remodelin With make-up, black clothes and some accessories, your kid is all Halloween proof

Kitty Cat

© madebytoya Cute, right? This little kitty cat

Batgirl or Batboy

© thelittlenaturalco Batgirl of Batboy, suitable for both! So lovely!

Little Bambi

© hiphoorae This sweet Bambi is excited about all sweets coming up ?

Wood mice

© etsy Watch out, these little animals might nibble all your candy

Charming snail

© costumeses No plans today? This outfit you can create yourself!


© bilodiy Howdy cowgirl. Nothing above a sweet, but tough cowboy

Scary family

© fashionizm Your kids will love this look!


© myahdressmagazine

Will this wind-up doll start dancing once you spin her button?

Addams family

© cosplayway Halloween party coming up? Dress up like the Addams Family!


© sewwattscooking This Pinocchio is so adorable!

Mime players

© charhadas The mime player of course cannot be missing from this overview


© lovelanedesigns But I'm a super girl. And super girls just fly.

White Swan

© mermablog This swan outfit will definitely make your kid steal the show!

Yes, your Highness!

© donnemoitamain A amazing outfit for brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces or friends


© iralovesmae Rainy day? This mushroom might come in handy! And is super pretty!

Superman to the rescue

© oflifeandtoddlers Clark Kent ready to rescue the world!

Heinz Ketchup

© thesweetestdigs No words for how cute these Heinz babies are!

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