13 joyful gender reveal ideas

13 joyful gender reveal ideas!

Do you already know?

Whether you are having a boy or a girl? And do you want to announce this to your family and friends soon? Then a great and memorable moment awaits you! Some parents experience it once, others several times. Either way, you want your gender reveal to be a day to remember. Partly unforgettable of course because of all those photos and videos that will be taken, let's be honest ;)

Meanwhile, the gender of babies is not just announced, but via a real gender reveal party. The Americans are the ones who started this trend. We can't blame them, because we always seize a reason to throw a party. And life needs to be celebrated.

Are you lacking inspiration for your gender reveal party, or would you rather announce the gender in an intimate circle? Below you will find 13 happy gender reveal ideas!

  1. Oh them lights

Announce the gender of your little one using lights! Julie Reinders has done a great job with a luminous floor. Hanging lights in a tree or a big LED question mark is just as fun.

  1. Graffiti

A fun gender reveal idea that immediately gets the whole party going is the creation of a piece of graffiti art. Get graffiti buses in white, black, and silver, and a single bus in blue or pink. Let everyone get to work on a bus. Until someone sprays with the pink or blue canister, then everyone will probably dance with joy!

  1. Baby watching

Sit back on the couch, take an ultrasound and let your loved ones watch. Can they see the gender? With a little luck, it is possible with the Babywatcher!

  1. Paint Fight

Do you like to have fun and are not afraid to get a little dirty? Then write on the invitation to the gender reveal party that the dress code is all white, because there will be a paint fight. Then it's up to you as parents-to-be to fill water guns with pink or blue paint, and then of course hand them to your guests at the gender reveal party. A day to remember!

  1. Scratch it!

Do you want to announce the gender of your baby to your loved ones, but not make a big party out of it? Then this scratch card is an original solution. Because let's face it, we all love scratch cards. This scratch card will be among the most original scratch cards your loved ones have ever seen, because the scratching will reveal the gender of your little one.

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  1. Cake, please!

What cake is a better gender reveal idea than one decorated with traditional Dutch colored mice and ladyfingers? Make it pink or blue on the inside. Or, if you're not a baking fanatic yourself, have a baker make it for you!

  1. Smile!

Create your own photo booth with these cheerful photo props. Something that absolutely cannot be missed is your guests' predictions. Have them take a picture with blue or pink props. What does the majority think? Boy or girl? Fun guaranteed!

  1. Mocktails

Are you a real cocktail-lover (and now a mocktail-lover)? Then it's very appropriate to announce the gender of your little one using mocktails from, for example, @monomocktails.

  1. Piñata

This brightly colored doll made of paper-marché is undoubtedly an original gender reveal idea. What sweets will you fill it with?

  1. Balloons out of the box

Arrange a large cardboard box. Decorate it nicely and fill it with (helium) balloons that rise when you open the box. Tip: Attach the balloons to the bottom of the box so they can't fly away when you open the box. This way you can enjoy them even longer.

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  1. Blast Party

How much fun is it when you give your guests a confetti shower with these confetti cannons for the unveiling? It's extra exciting if you don't know what the gender will be and someone else who does buys the cannons! 

  1. Bubblegum

This is one for parents-to-be who prefer not to announce the gender of their little one via a real gender reveal party. This idea works as follows: score pink and blue gum, give one gumball to your hubby, both blow a bubble and pierce one bubble. Exactly, the bubble that remains reveals the gender of your little one. Oh yes, you do need a third person to take these pictures. Definitely an original idea!

  1. Serpentine spray

This is another one where you definitely don't have to pull your most fancy outfit out of the closet. These spray cans of serpentine spray with blue or pink strings will give you a lot of fun. Tip: Have all attendees put on old clothes that are allowed to get dirty.

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