12x the most original pregnancy announcements on Valentine's Day!

12x the most original pregnancy announcements on Valentine's Day!

A pregnancy announcement

is undoubtedly one of the most memorable moments of your pregnancy. I think I can even say one of the most beautiful moments of your life. Some of us experience it once, while others announce it two, three, or even four times. And when you announce the best news of your life to your loved ones, you want to do it well (read: enthusiastically, spectacularly, uniquely). So you want to capture this moment on film. You know, for later (and preferably also to show off on #insta).

Whatever the case, it should be an unforgettable moment. And what better moment to announce that a tiny miracle is growing inside you than the day we celebrate love? I am talking about Valentine's Day, of course! Can you only think of the corniest ways to announce your pregnancy? Don't panic; we will help you out with 12 of the most unique Valentine's pregnancy announcements!


  1. Sweet as Candy

A box filled with hearts. It doesn't get more fitting than this. Feeling that it is going to be a boy? Of course, blue is also an option.

  1. Scratch it

One of my favourites, because how original is this one? We often cannot resist the temptation to scratch (to see how much discount we get or how much money we have won, duh). In this case, it is the most valuable prize you can win!

  1. Tulips

Flowers remain romantic, and to stay in the Dutch mood, we go for tulips. To make it extra unique, we choose a mix of different colours of tulips.

Pregnancy announcements Valentine

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  1. Double the Love

An unveiling with balloons is still fun, but with an original text. Double the love on Valentine's Day!

  1. At the bottom...

What a thrill! Your friend or your mother probably can't finish that cup of tea fast enough in your eyes. You will need some patience, though.

  1. Butterflies

Indeed, that zoo of butterflies has turned into a little one. Add some roses, and it's all V-day proof.

12x the most original pregnancy announcements on Valentine's Day!

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  1. Baby love

Announcing your pregnancy with a cake. That is original and delicious! Everyone will literally and figuratively feast on it.

  1. Made with Love

On the day of love, we celebrate love, and thus also everything made with love, such as your love baby.

  1. Did you say dessert or baby?

I bet your mom will be scared out of her wits when she starts eating the dessert. I think the ice cream will have melted by the time she gets back to it...

  1. Baking time

This is one for baking enthusiasts. 1 heart plus 1 heart equals 4 hearts!

  1. Love recipe

The recipe does not lie. New life is indeed created with hugs, kisses, and love together.

  1. Big Sis

When there is already a little one in the family, it is super fun to use him or her in your pregnancy announcement. Cuteness overload!

12x the most original pregnancy announcements on Valentine's Day!

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