12x momfluencers you don't want to miss on Insta!

12x momfluencers you don't want to miss on Insta!


They seem to pop up like mushrooms every day. Yes, the influencer world is getting more diverse every day. Fitfluencers. Food influencers. Fashion influencers. And now momfluencers too. Yay! Masses of mothers share parts of their lives on Instagram in the hope of inspiring and motivating others. For some, it seems to be picture-perfect. A tidy house, a child in the most fab outfits, and the mother herself beaming with joy. We love to watch these types of momfluencers. Because who doesn't like to swoon when looking at beautiful pictures? Secretly jealous. How does she get her hair blow-dried so beautifully? Where does she get all those cute outfits for the kids? And you start searching on Google right away. *searches chocolate brown teddy bucket hat for kids*

The other momfluencer opts for more self-mockery and humour. And we absolutely love it. Because they confirm once again that life, ourselves, and our children are not perfect (yes, how crazy it sounds). No tidy house, whining kids, and little time for mommy herself. Embrace the chaos of life is the motto of this type of momfluencers. To enjoy both types of momfluencers, I have judged quite a few. Of course, I have listed the ones that passed the test for you! Which one are you going to follow (or stalk) first?

  1. @kaesutherland

Award for the prettiest daughter goes to...sigh, those light eyes! And mama Kae is magnificent herself. Pretty faces! I also think we can call her the queen of pastels because who rocks pastels better than her?

  1. @mathildegoehler

This mama of two really knows what feed goals are. How does she do it with a newborn? Who knows... I can tell you that she is just as pretty in real life as she is on her Insta. I saw her glow in Ibiza!

  1. @eliseboers

A down-to-earth Dutch mother of twins. She is down-to-earth, hilarious, and pretty as well. And she dares to show the chaos with kids honestly. You go, girl!

  1. @tialineker

This London blogger, spending a few months in Ibiza with her sister during the summer, is also a brand new mother. This mommy has a great style, and the little one will surely benefit from that. We love!

  1. @naomigenes

Take a look into the life of this handsome mother, who moved to Los Angeles with her family for her hubby's work. Besides fun content with her little girl, she also shows the latest fashion trends.

  1. @manontilstra & 7. @paulientilstra

The Tilstra sisters. The pretty sisters, I mean, because how handsome they are? Of course, we also support Momfluencers from our own country. And these sisters with their adorable little ones are a fave, right?

  1. @jippheldoorn

Fancy a good dose of humour? Then be sure to follow Jipp. This young mother of three, aka comedian, simply speaks the language of comedy. Laughter guaranteed.

  1. @maikebeunk

Expect fashion content that will inspire you, both for yourself and for your mini-me. She shows these too-cute clothes for your mini on her own little Pippa. And that hair!

  1. @valerialipovetsky

I just can't get enough of the hilarious reels from this woman (with incredibly long legs). She knows the importance of not taking yourself too seriously in life. Besides her hilarious reels, she also uses her Insta to give tips and inspo on fashion, beauty, and self-care.

  1. @imomsohard

The mums behind I Mom So Hard are Kristin and Jen, who have their own comedy podcast covering all sorts of recognisable situations in a mother's life. Don't expect advice, but laughter about sleepless nights, family holidays, and snot.

  1. @laviesanne

I think this mother of two, and soon of three, truly belongs on the list of the ten funniest mothers in the Netherlands. Grab your fave snacks, crawl on the couch and have fun watching her reels that will be oh so relatable.


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