10x TikTok moms you want to follow!

10x TikTok moms you want to follow!

With all the lockdowns, we have to think of a new activity. In the beginning, you were baking and cooking; your family and friends were already bursting at the seams with all the delicious cakes and oven dishes. The last time, you've thrown yourself into binge-watching hundreds of series and films on Netflix. By now, you know every inch of the neighbourhood through those dozens of walks. So it's time for something different.

What if I said that TikTok can amuse you for hours? Yes, I didn't really believe in it myself at first. Slightly insipid videos created by young individuals and then go completely viral, after which everyone wants to make the same video and you see the same idea passing by in your TikTok timeline for a month. But, boy, I was wrong. TikTok is innovative and has something for everyone. From comedy entertainment to musical expressions, creative recipes, and life hacks. And also, yes, you heard right: enormous amounts of mommy content. Mommy TikTokkers are hotter than ever! Think of a good dose of self-mockery, recognisable family scenarios, and adorable baby videos. These mommy TikTokkers make this time just a little bit more bearable. That is why I collected my ten favourites for you and put them in a row. Pick your fave and enjoy!


This woman deserves an award for her acting skills. I mean, the way she imitates her children. You will undoubtedly recognise your own family in her unforgettable impressions.

@x_telle Christmas Shopping with Ading & Kuya be like.. #Christmasshopping #BrothersandSisters #Siblingsbelike ♬ original sound - Christelle


This mommy is serving looks! Together with her mini-me, she shows the most adorable dance moves. Looking for inspiration on how to twirl with your mini-me when it comes to looks? Look no further!


Got all dolled up with my girl💗

♬ original sound - Vanessa Gyimah


This mommy influencer is not averse to self-mockery, and of course, we appreciate that. Think Abbie Herbert and think a good dose of 'expected versus real' content. No more filters and idealistic cut-outs. Hello, real messy life.

@abbieherbert My sidekick for life. What color should we do next? IB: @eviemareee #mom #momsoftiktok #momlife #babiesoftiktok #babyfever #babygirl #fyp #trend #4u #viral #sass #sasswars #react #reaction #surprise ♬ sonido original - Cosmo Teve ♉


This TikTokker shows her life from her role as a mom and from her job at a school. And that makes for hilarious content. Trust me.


This entrepreneur slash mom shows how she makes her mompreneur life successful with the necessary humor. Is it hard work? Yes, indeed (because that is mom life alone). Whether Is it worth it? Definitely.

@daniellesmith_ Fights sleep all day, and then pulls this.. just to keep me up all night. #momproblems #toddlerlife #momlife ♬ original sound - Anthony Pakupi Lindo


Oh my, that hair alone. We all want that. And, of course, we love her kids that regularly star in her videos.


This TikTok mum mainly lets us enjoy the deadly serious conversations she has with her children. Gotta love these wise mini creatures.

@emmalinecs #askviolet #asklevi #fyp #pronouns #mumsoftiktok #momsoftiktok ♬ original sound - EmmalineCS


The mom featuring the dad and the kids. After all the TikTok moms/stars, are you ready for a TikTok account where the whole family contributes? I understand that, of course. The Davidson family will undoubtedly entertain you.

@thedailydavidsons 😂🤣😂😂we were so close!! #fyp #coupleschallenge #wineglasschallenge #parentsoftiktok #momsover30club #momsoftiktok #marriedlife #marriage #couples ♬ original sound - Daily Davidsons


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