10x creative ideas for beautiful wall decorations in the baby's room

10x creative ideas for beautiful wall decorations in the baby's room

Whether you're an interior designer or not, decorating your baby's room is a lot of fun. And a lot of time and effort goes into it. And money. Oh yes, and inspiration. You had so many original ideas for the furniture and its arrangement. Your Pinterest board "baby room" is already full of them. But now you've arrived at the level of wall decorations. And you just can't seem to complete this level. What are you supposed to do with those big, boring surfaces? Brace yourself, because with the following inspo for wall deco you will score. And yes, score, as in: this could go straight into an interior design magazine. So, bring on those 10 creative ideas for wall decoration in the baby room!

  1. Mural

Everyone has a little artist in them. And for the project baby room let that be a painter. Stock up on the nicest paint colors (water-based) at the hobby store, conjure up the inner painter in you, and get to work on a creative mural. A happy rainbow, a shiny sun, or simply a semi-circle or oval? We'll leave the level of difficulty up to you, but that mural is sure to be an eye-catcher. Tip: Do you have a projector and a sample of the design of the mural? Then project it onto the wall and cover it gently with a pencil. Are you pregnant? Then leave the painting to your hubby. But hey, watching (and commanding, duh) is fun too.

Mural 1

Mural 2

Mural 3

Mural 4

  1. Wall stickers

Are you raving about the project mural, but haven't managed to bring out the inner painter in you? This need not be an obstacle nowadays, because there is such a thing as a wall sticker. Choose a cheerful pattern or, on the contrary, a large design that immediately takes up a significant portion of the wall.

Wall sticker 1

Wall sticker 2

Wall sticker 3

  1. Wooden slats

Are wooden details rather boring? Think again! Certainly not when you create a slat wall with colored wooden slats. Whether you choose bohemian tones, cool blue colors, or the colors of the rainbow, it is certainly not boring. If you're in a do-it-yourself mood, score some oak slats and start mounting them on the wall yourself. Or let a professional do it, also nice and easy. Bet the mouths fall open of those who see project batten wall completed? Count on doing this project a few more times with friends and family, or that professional's phone will be red hot. He or she will thank you.

Wooden slats 1

Wooden slats 2

Wooden slats 3

  1. Wall shelves with a unique shape

Say practical and original, and you get...wall shelves with a unique design. Because you can never have enough storage space (at least for things that can be seen). Just think of all those stuffed animals and other deco you had at your baby shower. You have to put it somewhere, right? And you immediately dressed up that bare wall in the baby's room. Aah, two birds with one stone, that makes us happy. Do you know someone handy with wood? Then let your imagination run wild and order a wall shelf in a crazy shape.

Wall shelves 1

Wall shelves 2

Wall shelves 3

Wall shelves 4

Wall shelves 5 

  1. Garlands

You know what they say: life is a party, but you have to hang the garlands yourself. Yes, it is a party, with that beautiful child that you brought into the world (or will bring into the world). So why not hang the garlands? Choose a sweet garland with hearts, a cool blue one with balloons, or a hip one with a kite.

Garlands 1 - €25,95

Garlands 2 - €9,99

Garlands 3 - €8,95

Garlands 4 - €14,95

  1. Measuring stick

Combine wall decor with a tool to see how much your little sprout has grown, and you get a ruler in the form of a wall sticker. It may surprise you, but there is a serious market for this too. After all, the choice is vast. Want to give it a personal touch? Then take a moment from time to time to measure your mini and indicate the current length on the wall with a pencil. Nice memento!

Measuring stick 1 - €21,95

Measuring stick 2 - €59,95

Measuring stick 3 - €27,50

  1. Wooden nameplate

In addition to being practical, beautiful, and creative, you obviously want the baby's room to be personal. And it doesn't get more personal than a wooden sign with the name of your mini-me. No idea where to hang this nameplate? The space on the wall above the playpen is an ideal place if you ask us ;)

Wooden nameplate 1

Wooden nameplate 2

Wooden nameplate 3

Wooden nameplate 4

  1. Poster wall

Of course, this one couldn't miss. Because to be honest, posters are always good. And posters of animals especially when they hang in the nursery. A single poster will not fill the wall, so choose three or four (or maybe even more) prints of happy four-legged friends. Now you have more eyes on the wall when you are changing your little one ;)

Poster 1

Poster 2

Poster 3

Poster 4

  1. Wooden storage boxes

Not enough room to display all those cute decorations in the baby's room? That problem is easily solved. Stock up on some wooden storage boxes and attach them to the wall in the baby's room. Et voilà! Are your hands itching to go even further than this? Then paint the inside of the boxes with a cheerful color. Then use the boxes as a place to display cute baby pictures. Exactly, your pride, and now in full view!

Wooden storage boxes 1

Wooden storage boxes 2 

  1. Animal heads

If there's anything kids love (besides mommy and daddy first and foremost, of course) it's animals. And the things you love you prefer to have close to you, right? Besides animal stuffed animals in the playpen or on the bed, it is an excellent idea to attach animal heads to the wall. No, not a real one of course, away with the horror. Will you choose a metal one or a plush one? Either way, you will really score with this!

Animal heads 1

Animal heads 2

Animal heads 3

Animal heads 4 


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