New Christmas traditions with the kids, how to do it!
The most beautiful time of the year is here again. So wonderful and magical! Visiting grandma on Sunday for homemade waffles with whipped cream, decorating the Christmas tree together, a Christmas movie marathon. Everyone has their traditions. Right? If not,...
3 ways for dad to bond with the baby: this is how you do it!
The baby has been in mom's belly for nine months. Right from the start, those two have a bond. After birth, the little one will spend a lot of time with the mom. And what about dad? They say that you are 1-0 behind as a dad because you do not (yet) have a bond with the baby. That can be different. Yes, even in mom's belly!
Recipe: chicken shawarma for when you're pregnant
Fancy a greasy bite, but are you trying to eat healthy for the little one in your belly? Good news! The recipe below is ideal for pregnant women. For 2 persons In total 30 minutes Chicken shawarma 450 grams chicken...
Those awful mood swing during pregnancy
Your husband can be intensely annoying all of a sudden. Since you're pregnant, you've been alternating between feelings of extreme love, extreme annoyance, crying jags and outbursts of anger. Mood swings, in other words. What to do? Those poor pregnant...
At home baby scan with the Babywatcher by Emily Victoria
This is Emily Victoria, Emily shows you everything you want to know about the Babywatcher. She also explains how to make your own scan and even lets us enjoy the experience of watching her baby with her. Truly a video...
Your partner wants to give you a kiss, but you quickly pull back. Yuck, he stinks! Since you're pregnant, your strong sense of smell has suffered greatly. At first, you didn't like anything better than your partner's smell. Now you...
Sex during pregnancy
Sex during pregnancy: sometimes you just don't feel like it! At other times, you can't wait to jump on your partner. But is sex when you are pregnant completely safe? And can ejaculation do any harm? We answer your sex...
The implantation process is one of the biggest milestones in your pregnancy. The fertilised egg attaches to and in the uterine wall. Now you are really pregnant! What is implantation? After fertilisation, the egg floats through the fallopian tube to...
Pregnant after Miscarriage
You only know how it feels when you experience it. So painful, a miscarriage. How someone deals with it differs from person to person. One person still has to come to terms with it emotionally, while the other would like...
A child with a strong preference for its father or mother
How to deal with it A child with a strong preference for its father or mother. That can sometimes be annoying or hurtful. But it does not have to be. This is how you deal with it and this is...
Fertility problems: having a baby is not always a given
Fertility problems: did you know that it occurs in 1 in 6 couples? Chances are you know someone with fertility problems. Or that you are struggling with it yourself. What are the causes, and how do you deal with them?
The ultimate guide to making your own ultrasound!
At last! The Babywatcher has arrived. It is so special to look at the baby in your belly. Don't know yet how to make an ultrasound? Anyone can do it, we promise! With our tips, we will help you to make the best ultrasound scans.
When will I feel my baby?
It's so magical the first time you feel your baby move in your belly. Soft kicks, hiccups, you can feel your baby turning around. But when did you first feel your baby? And how does it feel?
This is why the Babywatcher is safe for mother and child
We love babies. So, of course, the Babywatcher is safe. Did you know that the Babywatcher was developed by a team of experts, especially for parents at home?
Waiting for an ultrasound... this is how it feels!
I never realised that pregnancy is all about waiting. I was waiting for a positive pregnancy test. Waiting for an ultrasound. Waiting for the trimesters to pass. Waiting for the baby. It takes a long time—all that waiting. I can’t wait to meet my baby.
Everything you need to know about an ultrasound
Ultrasounds, it is impossible to imagine the medical world without them. Because without ultrasound scans, we could not look at our unborn babies. We will tell you all about ultrasounds during pregnancy.
Heartburn during pregnancy - what to do about it
The unpleasent feeling that you have food stuck in your throat, acid reflux and a burning sensation in your throat. Does this sound familiar to you? We will tell you more about what causes it. And what to do about...
Making an ultrasound with my ill mother: a priceless memory!
At the age of twenty-three, Astrid lost her mother. Two days before little Ivy Mae was born. At the same time, Astrid experienced one of the saddest and most beautiful events of her life. She is grateful for one of the last memories with her mother. Together, in the hospital bed, admiring her little one with the Babywatcher.
Little brother or sister coming... How to involve your child in your pregnancy?
We try involving Giulia-Mae as much as possible in the pregnancy by, for example, reading her books, taking her to check-ups, talking to her about it. Is this the right way? No idea, but it feels right to us.
Pregnant: feeling love for your baby, how to do it
Did you know that even before birth, when your baby is still comfortably inside your belly, your baby needs security, and love from mummy and daddy? But how do you connect with your baby? We tell you how to connect from the start.
The scan showed that the baby in my belly was not a son but a daughter
Wow, a second son. A mum of boys! There will be two little boys to go on a walk with, in a few months. One snuggled up to me in the baby carrier while the other races through the forest with daddy. We fantasised about it... Until the day of the 20-week ultrasound. A surprise was waiting for us.