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"Op 20 maart 2024 is Babywatcher B.V. door de rechtbank Limburg, locatie Maastricht, failliet verklaard. Als curator is aangesteld mr. B. Keybeck.

De contactgegevens van de curator zijn:

Paulissen Advocatuur
Mauritslaan 49
6129 EL Urmond
Tel: (+31) 046-433 83 33

Hey baby! Let's introduce...

My Babywatcher is the platform to follow when it comes to pregnancy. We offer you the best pregnancy experience by giving you the opportunity to create your own pre-echo at home, without any hassle. But we also share honest stories, tips & tricks. Welcome to my Babywatcher!

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We’ve developed the Babywatcher together with an independent team of medical experts, specifically for home use by parents. There’s no adjusting settings and everything is Plug & Play. Easy and risk free.

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